AUDIO Phil Robertson drops bizarre anti-atheism speech involving rape and decapitation

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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is certainly no stranger to controversy. Or to speaking his mind. The two often go hand-in-hand, where Robertson is concerned. So, this week, it’s perhaps not surprising to hear that the man is in hot water again.

Robertson was speaking at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast in Vero Beach FL when he began to talk about atheism. Specifically, about how atheists don’t believe that they have to worry about consequences for their actions in a Christian afterlife. More specifically, he described a scenario in which an atheist sat and watched as intruders broke into his house to rape and kill his family members.

It’s not clear whether Robertson was going off script with his remarks. But they were recorded, and you can hear them below. Robertson’s language isn’t exactly NSFW…but the things he describes are fairly gruesome. Listen at your own risk:



Robertson’s latest controversial remarks come less than a month after he claimed, in another high-profile speech, that STDs were God’s revenge on Nazis and hippies.


(Photo credits: WENN)

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