VIDEO Botched Season 3 trailer, premiere date announced

Botched doctors Paul Nassif Terry Dubrow funny faces

America’s favorite pair of bromantic plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, will be back on the small screen soon as E! announces Botched Season 3 will premiere May 10! In addition to the premiere date, we also have a preview trailer showing some of what fans can expect to see this season:

Judging from the clip, the new season will feature a man who wants boobs, a woman with rubber band ear lobes thanks to rather sizable gauges, and someone “on a quest to be a perfect alien.”

And it looks as though Paul and Terry will be getting another visit from the charismatic and amazingly good-spirited Rajee Narinesingh! In case you missed it, Rajee was one of the very unfortunate victims of the “toxic tush” doctor, bogus plastic surgeon Oneal Morris. Rajee sought out “Dr.” Morris an an inexpensive alternative, and later found out that the medical-grade silicone that was supposedly being injected into her face, chest, and buttocks was actually a mixture of cement, tire sealant, and glue.

Botched Rajee Narinesingh quote I'm lookin' pretty damn good!

Rajee is featured in the trailer showing off her usual sense of humor as she proclaims through a bruised, swollen, and bandaged face: “I’m lookin’ pretty damn good!”

In addition to the preview trailer, E! also released this very stylized marketing video for the new season:

And for those of you (us) who can’t seem to ever get your fill of Paul and Terry helping out those in dire need of plastic surgery assistance (not necessarily the ones hungry for screen on their quests for elective procedures), don’t forget that their new spin-off show Botched By Nature will premiere soon as well!

From Terry:

UPDATE – E! has announced a premiere date for Botched By Nature! Click the link for all the deets!


Botched Season 3 premieres Tuesday, May 10 at 9/8c on E!

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