Does Janice Dickinson have breast cancer?

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On tonight’s Botched, Janice Dickinson sees doctor Terry Dubrow to update her 30 year old boob job. Things don’t go so well on the operating table when Dr. Dubrow finds large masses in her breasts that could be cancerous.

When he first examined Janice, Dr. Dubrow found that her breasts were unusually lumpy. Janice referred to her lumps as “my edamame,” but the doctors was concerned and said she needed a biopsy. “Once I got inside, I could feel those masses better. And they were quite large and they needed to come out.” He explains. “There could be a number of things in here, including breast cancer.” Janice hasn’t spoken out about a diagnosis connected to the masses, so hopefully the show tonight will address her status. Many breast lumps are benign, but this could be a very dangerous situation for the former supermodel.

According to a preview clip, there were other issues with Janice’s surgery: namely her desire for more pain medication than she needed. “In my 25 years of being a board-certified plastic surgeon, Janice is by far the most difficult patient I have ever had,” Dubrow says of Janice. “She is her breasts’ worst enemy.”

When Janice asks for more painkillers, Dubrow scolds her “You just spent three days in the hospital on IV Dilaudid. Most people are on aspirin by this point.”

“I don’t give a s–t about most people,” Dickinson replies angrily. “The ex-addict is coming out,” says Dubrow. “We’ve got post-operative pain management problems … This is classic drug-seeking behavior.”

Botched airs Sundays at 10/9c on E!

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