Update on Bobbi Kristina: Amidst mixed reports, family member admits her status is ‘so confusing’

Earlier this week, reports that the Brown and Houston families planned to take Bobbi Kristina Brown off life support on the anniversary of her mother’s death were quickly denied by a family lawyer. And, now that the tragic date has passed, it’s apparent the reports were false. So, what does that mean in regards to Bobbi Kristina’s condition?

“There are so many signs showing us that she will be okay, in spite of what people are saying over the Internet. Krissi is fine, as I sit here today,” aunt Leolah Brown told Atlanta’s FOX 5, before clarifying Bobbi Kristina is still on life support. “We know that she’s opening her eyes, that’s true. There’s a few more things that she’s doing. Krissi is doing well right now.”

In a statement on Monday, Bobby Brown’s lawyer advised the public to be skeptical of reports from TMZ, The National Enquirer, The Atlanta Constitution Journal and The Daily Mail. He said many stories from these outlets “are egregious, false and will be dealt with at an appropriate time.”

Bobby Brown added at the time, “We continue to request privacy in this matter. We thank everyone that supported the vigil for Bobbi Kristina. God is hearing our prayers.”

The problem is, many of the mixed reports about Bobbi Kristina’s condition are coming straight from family members. As one family member told People that’s because they aren’t entirely aware of what’s going on minute-by-minute.

“Everyone may be giving different stories, but that’s because it’s so confusing,” the family member said. “No one is trying to mislead anyone. Everyone is still praying for her. That’s what matters.”

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