Nat Geo’s prepper fortress Doomsday Castle now renting rooms

Doomsday Castle now renting rooms like a hotel

Looking for a nice, romantic getaway? How about a nice room for two in the scenic foothills of the Appalachian mountains for $75 a night? Oh, and did I mention that if the world happens to end during your stay, you will be just fine? That’s right, the titular character from National Geographic Channel’s prepper reality series Doomsday Castle is renting rooms!

The announcement came via the Doomsday Castle Facebook page:

We are going to start booking tours/stays @ the Doomsday Castle (1 hour outside of Greenvile SC/2 hours north of Atlanta) when it gets warmer..Maybe even put it on AirBnB…Is anyone interested to stay for $50 for a campsite, $75 for a 2 person bed in Castle affordable? We also have a Badass 7 bedroom lake house @ The Reserve at Lake Keowee up the street from castle for $100 per bedroom/bathroom

The posting got numerous positive comments from those excited for the opportunity to stay at the famous fortress, but some of the more diehard preppers seemed to think less of the idea. “But.. ok.. so you guys are going to fund a new doomsday project or this isn’t really a doomsday castle?” One commenter asked. “Giving out your coords is a no no in the prepping world,” he added.

Another commenter wrote, “Watching the show however, I didn’t get the impression that your dad is building this castle, his legacy, for entertainment purposes… But to protect his family when sh!t goes down. Is he cool with this?”

It seems that Brent Bruns, Sr. is OK with it because another commenter asked if the Bruns family would be there and Brent Bruns II said that it would be him with “Ashley n Dad for sure.” Actually, it appears as though the hotel idea was Sr.’s in the first place. “Patriarch is considering guests to Castle ….should we do a Airbnb?” the page asked on December 14 along with a photo of Brent Bruns, Sr.

And if you are seriously thinking about an apocalypse-proof vacay with the Bruns family, but are asking yourself, “Where is the Doomsday Castle?” then just head on over to Google Maps where it is pretty easy to figure out the once-secretive compound is located at 285 Dreugh Evins Dr. in Pickens, South Carolina. Here’s the satellite view:

Where is the Doomsday Castle Google maps satellite view Pickens South Carolina

The hotel enterprise comes on the heels of the family attempting to film a Season 2 pilot back in December after National Geographic Channel opted to not pick up the show for a second season. The pilot was to feature couples staying at the Doomsday Castle as they reacted to an Ebola outbreak. Here’s the original casting poster and announcement with status updates:

Doomsday Castle Season 2 ebola outbreak couples pilot poster

Let’s plan on Ebola scare tester evacuation to Doomsday Castle with 7 couples and a stay @ our 7 bedroom lake house and castle .First weekend in December Sat,Sun,Monday w Brent Sr. Brent 2 for a weekend of barbecuing, shooting, story telling, hunting turkeys/deer, zip lining,4 wheeling,hiking, moonshining, bow n arrow,castle building, new pilot tv show idea shooting.

So we have spots for 2 couples Sat to Monday in Dec for $1k per couple .. You get private accommodations at our lakehouse and 2 meals per day and this is more casual and fun w Brent Bruns Sr. & Brenton Bruns II and there girlfriends n other friend couples

You must have watched every doomsday castle episode 3x …email me your gmail if you have not …we need a Prepper 2nd n 3rd video team asap to meet at castle w for the pilot

Just landed a 22 person hummer and top video team from doomsday Preppers Castcall ….Ebola outbreak in pinellas county jail happening first weekend in December…you better get the hell outta dodge before shtf

We really need a 2nd videographer couple

There’s no word on how the pilot shooting went or if they have had any luck shopping it around to networks. But, while you wait for Season 2, you can relive life in the DC Universe by streaming the first season of Doomsday Castle on Netflix!

(Anybody else dying to know what would be in your mini-fridge at the Doomsday Castle Inn?)

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