UNEXPECTED Is McKayla Adkins pregnant again? Is she quitting the show?

Unexpected McKayla pregnant

After a lot of teasing on social media, Unexpected star McKayla Adkins has all but confirmed that she is pregnant for the second time, with plans to make the official announcement in October!

UPDATE – McKayla followed through on the October promise (just barely) by confirming her pregnancy on October 29 after the episode aired in which she revealed the news to her grandparents. Click the link for all the details, including LOTS of baby bump photos and an update on McKayla’s relationship status with Caelan.

My first inkling that McKayla might be pregnant again was a lake outing she had with boyfriend Caelan at the beginning of August. In a vlog documenting the outing, MacKayla is wearing a bikini and she briefly pans down to show that she has a bit of a belly.

After some more teasing with posts emphasizing her previous pregnancy, McKayla shared a series of photos of her son Timothy wearing a shirt that reads “World’s Best Brother.” She captioned the photo gallery with the following:

Timmy got a hair cut (not in these pics) today and we finally got a washer and dryer!! Vlog will be up tonight ? (PS I didn’t even realize he was wearing this shirt ??)

Here is one of the photos:

Unexpected McKayla Adkins' son Timmy wearing a world's best brother shirt

Prior to McKaya disabling comments, one follower wrote: “Best brother shirt??????..way to hide that you’re pregnant.” McKayla responded with: “Awh honey, I’m sorry you’re so upset for no reason! Idc what you know lol, and I ‘outed’ myself a long time ago so..”

In her Instagram story yesterday, McKayla requested fan questions for a vlog post she was working on, but she specifically excluded questions about her being pregnant:

OKAY GUYS!! I want to do a JUICCYYY get ready with me vid so ask whatever you want!! Get personal ? (Except pregnancy stuff bc I’m not trying to get sued lmao)

McKayla eventually got fed up with just teasing, and I guess she figured that even though she couldn’t say she was pregnant, that didn’t mean she couldn’t just post a photo that clearly showed that she is pregnant. So, she took to multiple social media outlets and posted this next photo, in which she can clearly be seen with a baby bump:

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins pregnant again

McKayla simply wrote “Cozy day” for the caption. (And you will also note the engagement ring on McKayla’s finger, taking into account that this is a mirror selfie and the image is reversed. Apparently her wedding with Caelan is back on!)

For those of you assuming that McKayla’s new pregnancy was just a way to guarantee more seasons on the show, she has indicated that is not the case. The 18-year-old mom is clearly frustrated with show producers over her inability to announce her pregnancy, but her frustration goes well beyond that.

McKayla responded on Twitter to our previous post about her and Caelan getting an apartment together by revealing that she was not happy with how this season was edited at all:

She continued:

It doesn’t matter. The show doesn’t show that we were going to completely re model the basement before I’d move in. It doesn’t show that I offered to pay rent, it doesn’t show that I gave my mom $500 for the down payment without her asking. And it doesn’t show people from the show manipulating me into thinking she didn’t use it for the down payment. My mom has been clean from drugs for 10 years. So for people to think she might have used it for that disgusts me. This show is a joke.

McKayla then explained further by responding to tweets from her followers, including her announcement that she does not plan to return if there is an Unexpected Season 3:

TWEET: Why do you still do the show girl? I’d be done.

McKAYLA: Trust me if I didn’t have a contract I would.

TWEET: I thought unexpected was supposed to be different and actually show what being a mom is really like whether being a teen or not. And I feel like the show only shows unnecessary drama it’s stupid.

McKAYLA: That’s what I thought it was too and that’s the main reason I signed with them instead of MTV. If I didn’t have a contract with them I would have quit by now.

TWEET: Are you aloud to say how long your contract is? Like how long you have to be on the show?

McKAYLA: Until the end of October/first week of November

TWEET: Yet you filmed a second season with them ???‍♀️

McKAYLA: Yeah I did. The first season wasn’t that bad. The second season I got threatened multiple times to be sued and I got threatened to be taken out of the show bc I voiced my concerns.

TWEET: ok since you don’t care bout the show. How’s about spill that tea about if you’re pregnant or not ???

McKAYLA: Idc about the show but I don’t want to get sued so I’ll let you guys find out from them

TWEET: so does that mean if there is a s3, you guys aren’t interested??

McKAYLA: Correct

TWEET: Are you seriously pregnant again? Wow sad

McKAYLA: No, you know what is sad tho? That you’re a mother yourself and if someone said something negative to you about your pregnancy it would make you feel like sh!t, yet you have the audacity to come onto my page and share your opinion. I feel bad for you.

TWEET: I would like to apologise to @mckayladkinss I thought about my tweet, which was my opinion! However, I should have thought about how my opinion could affect another individual and I should have kept to my self. I don’t know you personally I only watch the show with daughter! Please understand that I watch the show with my daughter what you all are going through as, young Mother’s so, that she won’t go down the same road. I feel horrible for my tweet and I was just reacting from a fans point of view forgot that you are a human! Best of luck?.

I am a big fan of Unexpected because I think it is reminiscent of 16 & Pregnant and the early seasons of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 in that it does accurately reflect the struggles of teen moms and their families. So, I am extremely disappointed to hear that McKayla feels as though she is being taken advantage of by producers in a manner that results in an inaccurate representation of her life. Selfishly, I hope to be able to continue to follow her story (which is also her grandparents’ story, Caelan’s story, her mom’s story, and Timothy’s story) on the show, but I completely understand if McKayla chooses to opt out.

To play devil’s advocate, I’ve always thought that Unexpected producers were VERY generous with what they allowed cast members to post online — more so than most show producers. The fact that McKayla was able to keep her YouTube channel going with major updates like getting an apartment, etc. is a testament to that. But, I guess producers had to draw a line somewhere, and being pregnant again was on the short list of things they wanted to keep a secret for as long as possible. As far as the editing goes, it’s impossible for viewers to know just how much the stories are manipulated.

Speaking of McKayla and YouTube, she has consistently demonstrated a great deal of hustle when it comes to maintaining her channel — (something she had well before her appearance on the show — and I think she will continue to have a great amount of success with that. And that’s a wonderful thing because she is 100% in control of her story there.

On a side note, Unexpected continues to pull in more than a million live viewers every Sunday night, which is really great for a cable reality series. And the third season of a show is usually right about when producers are comfortable doling out large pay raises because the show has an established audience and there isn’t as much risk that the numbers will drop off dramatically. Perhaps McKayla will change her mind if TLC pushes a piece of paper across the table with a sizable amount on it. I kinda hope so! 🙂

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