UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins moves into apartment with Caelan and Timothy

Unexpected McKayla Adkins moves into new apartment

On the current season of TLC’s Unexpected, mom McKayla Adkins’ plan to move in with her mother Shannon was derailed after a tour by her grandparents Tim and Cindy revealed that her basement living space would not provide an ideal living situation for McKayla’s young son Timothy. McKayla’s dreams of moving out of her grandparents’ house were not completely crushed, however, as she and Caelan have since gotten their very own apartment together!

Judging from McKayla’s YouTube channel, the couple got the apartment back in early April. She gave her fans a tour of the two-bedroom, single bathroom apartment before she and Caelan had moved much furniture in on April 2:

McKayla shared another vlog two days later proudly proclaiming “FINALLY moved into our apartment!!” in the title, and she followed that on April 18 with an “updated apartment tour.” Unfortunately, McKayla and Caelan continue to have issues, and something (or somethings) came up a couple months ago that caused another separation. The split resulted in McKayla and son Timothy moving back in with her grandparents.

McKayla deleted all of her social media apps aside from YouTube on July 4, and she shared a vlog on July 10 confirming that she and Caelan had broken up yet again.

But, as you might have guessed, McKayla and Caelan reconciled, and McKayla posted a brand new apartment tour video this week! She still has some things to bring over from her grandparents’ house, but it’s obvious that she and Caelan are currently living together (with Timothy) at the new diggs:

“If you did not know, I did move back into the apartment,” McKayla reveals. “There’s not really much of an explanation,” she continues, “me and Caelen got back together. Things are going well, so we decided to take the step to have me move back in — and you know I want to be with him, I want to live with him and stuff. So, we talked and we decided it was a good idea. So I moved back in.”

Oh, and McKayla has since returned to the various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Unfortunately, given that the reconciliation was so recent, I doubt that viewers will be seeing it on this season of Unexpected.

Speaking of this season of Unexpected, if you are curious about the timeline with McKayla’s housing choices — it appears as though she was still planning to move in with her mother Shannon back in late January. As you might imagine, McKayla did a house tour video, and it is way more clear just how much work needed to be done on the basement to make a it a viable living space for two adults and a baby! The basement segment of the tour begins at right around the 3:40 mark:

NOPE! That was DEFINITELY not just Tim and Cindy being overprotective!

You can keep up with McKayla and the other moms’ journeys with new episodes of Unexpected airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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