THE DUGGARS Is Jill Dillard still a certified midwife? Does the rebel Duggar work?

Fans of Counting On may remember that Jill (Duggar) Dillard used to be a midwife… she is one of the only women in her family to seek credentials to work outside the home.

Is Dillard still a practicing midwife? Is her license legit/still active? The reality star gave an update to her future career goals.

The Rebel Duggar

Jill Dillard paved the way for the newest ‘rebel’ Duggars in her family. The first to wear pants, get a facial piercing, and… work?

That’s right, Jill Dillard becoming a midwife was the first time one of the 19 Kids and Counting women sought a job outside of the home. At the time, her family seemed supportive… though that’s likely because it was still considered appropriate ‘Christian’ ‘woman’s work.’

Does Jill still assist women while they give birth? Not exactly… but in a recent Instagram update we find out that the door isn’t completely closed on Dillard performing midwife duties outside of the home.

Certified Midwife

Some question the qualifications of Jill Dillard when it comes to her midwifery credentials. Turns out, they’re legit… the reality star recently posted that she got ‘nationally certified as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)‘ shortly after the birth of her first son, Israel.

Fans of Counting On may remember Jill assisting her sister Jessa while she was pregnant, using a dopler to check the fetuses heartbeat.

Is Dillard still a practicing midwife? Unfortunately no… but according to this latest IG post, anything is possible.

An inactive license means that while she can’t currently deliver babies, she can go back to her career anytime she wants. Instead of going through the education process again, Dillard would only have to pay a fee to get her credentials reactivated.

Will Jill Dillard end up working outside the home again? It’s probably unlikely… but the fact that she hasn’t let her license completely lapse means that she is keeping the possibility open if anything in her life changes.

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