Ten Bridalplasty inspired reality show mashups

BETHESDA, MD - JULY 30: Bride to be Nicole Christos of Raleigh, North Carolina holds a rack of a wedding gowns while telling her mother that other gowns she has eyed were being taken, during Filene's Basement's annual sale July 30, 2010 in Bethesda, Maryland. Hundreds of brides to be and their shopping teams line up early waiting to buy gowns at drastically low prices during the annual sale, dubbed the 'Running of the Brides'. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Yes, the show Bridalplasty exists, or at least will exist on E. This show will combine the wedding competition genre with the plastic surgery genre in a mind blowing signal that the world as we know it could very well be ending.

Each week brides will compete head to head in challenges such as writing vows and honeymoon planning. Winners each week will receive a chance to have a plastic surgery off of their wish list performed. As the season regresses progresses these brides will vote off competitors until one remains that will receive their dream wedding and will lift their veil to reveal their new Heidi Montag look to all!

This mashup of two reality genres got me to thinking. What would it look like if I threw together some current and past reality shows? Well I have done just that and I was pretty darn happy with the results.  So here for your enjoyment is my list of ten Bridalplasty inspired reality show mash-ups:

TEN: My Dad is Better Than Your Little Couple

Tune in each week as one dad competes with a little couple in various competitions to answer the age old question, “Is two halves better than one whole?”

NINE: Hogan Knows I Want to Work For P-Diddy

Follow out of work and single wrestling legend Hulk Hogan as he makes it his life ambition to land a job with rap mogul P-Diddy.  Each week Hogan takes advice from unemployed viewers as the ever elusive Diddy makes the interview process harder and harder.

EIGHT: So You Think You Can Punk’d?

Ashton Kutcher gets back in the reality game as host of a show in which wannabe YouTube punkers are given the opportunity to prove their wears on unsuspecting d-listers.  Winners each week are then given the opportunity for one more prank and the king punker is given their own revived Punk’d show.

SEVEN:  The Teen Mom Pick-Up Artist

Each week a new celebrity teen mom teaches other lonely teen moms how to pick up possible daddies in this dating after procreation abomination.  The teen mom that scores with what the guest celebrity teen mom judges is the hunkiest guy receives medical insurance and day care services for five years.

SIX: Jersey Shore Nightmares

Follow chef Gordon Ramsay as he gets into other worldly shouting matches with the cast of Jersey Shore as he inspects and attempts to improve their home kitchens and cooking abilities.  Each week the cast mate that out shouts Ramsay the best gets one free sucker punch right on the chef’s friggin’ kisser.

FIVE: Kathy Griffin: My Life on Hard Knocks

Follow infamous comedian and d-lister Kathy Griffin as she tries to make an NFL roster as a long snapper.  Hilarity ensues as Griffin spends most of her time around muscular naked men who candidly ask themselves if they would do her or not.

FOUR: Keeping Up With Sarah Palin’s Alaska

The Kardashian clan is dropped into the remote wilderness of Alaska and left to fend for themselves in this wild child goes into the wild survival gem.  The Kardashians will compete with each other in goals such as tent building and fire starting. At the end of each episode the winner is provided but one life line, a call to former governor Sarah Palin in which a single wish is granted.

THREE: The Real Housewives Intervention

The intervention specialists from A&E will focus their professional sights on people hopelessly addicted to watching Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise.  Watch as families that have been torn apart by Danielle Staub and Tamra Barney attempt to save a loved one from the death grip that this reality series has on them.

TWO: Dancing With Steven Seagal Lawman

In this dancing meets misdemeanors entertainment vehicle watch as women imprisoned by Steven Seagal are given their opportunity at freedom in a dancing competition in which each tries to impress Seagal to the best of their abilities.  Each episode will feature a special performance by Seagal’s blues band Thunderbox!

ONE: While You Were Out Trading Spouses

In this home decoration meets dirty little family secrets hit watch as swingers have their bedrooms redecorated by their children while they are out doing their thing.  At the conclusion of each episode the more “swinger appropriate” bedrooms are revealed and then the couple’s children let them know that they are aware of their “secret” lifestyle.


Do you have any more suggestions?  I would love to hear them and remember if one of these shows makes the grade you read it here first!