Does Tom Selleck have a personal mustache groomer?

In my twisted world I have always thought that the best job in America was to be the guy responsible for protecting Willie Nelson’s worn acoustic guitar Trigger.  That position may have a competitor now that the New York Post is reporting Tom Selleck, 65, may have his own personal mustache groomer!

This “‘stache man” was spotted while Selleck was filming the pilot for his upcoming CBS drama, Blue Bloods, in which he plays a NYPD commissioner.  The shoot was at Madison Square Garden where Selleck’s character was presiding over a police-cadet graduation.  During filming breaks this “‘stache man” would rush out to make sure that Selleck’s soup-strainer maintained its perfection.

Tom Selleck's mustache

According to these same sources Selleck may not have maintained his cool as much as his ‘stache did.  After getting the cookie-duster just right he went off on one of the actors, Michael Tableman, forcing him to salute again and again until he got it right.  On top of that, they said Tom got annoyed if anyone dared call him Magnum in reference to his hit role as Magnum P.I. from the 80’s.

There has been no word yet from Selleck’s lip-broom since this report hit the wires, but I am keeping a close eye on the legendary crumb-catcher’s Twitter page and Facebook page.

As a bonus I found the following clip where Ashton Kutcher talks about the power of Selleck’s ‘stache in a promo for their film Killers:

And I thought I couldn’t envy the guy who shacks up with Demi Moore more.  I was wrong!  Blue Bloods is set to premiere this fall on Friday nights while Killers is currently in theaters nationwide.