The Real Housewives of… South Boston!?!

There’s been a lion’s share of mediocre to otherwise incredible Real Housewives parodies and we can now add The Real Housewives of South Boston to the mix. This is a well produced and pretty darn funny take on everyone’s favorite reality franchise.

These Southie broads don’t freaking sip on Pinot and talk about real estate but they do love their Red Sox. Heck, my girl Amber usually watches alone to pleasure herself! Before we meet each of the ladies from the block let’s get a little theme music:

Jackie: She runs Jackie’s Packie. They sell cigarettes and beer. Hey what the f’ more do you want?
Real Housewives of South Boston Jackie
Amber: She f’s athletes. Her kids are her trophies.
Real Housewives of South Boston Amber
Dawn: Her husband is cousins with Marky Mark and she’s not all there.

Real Housewives of South Boston Dawn
Sharon: She took a Manny Ramirez home-run to the uterus and now she’s barren. She believes it was worth it.
Real Housewives of South Boston Sharon
Chaffin: She is currently incarcerated at Framingham State Penitentiary.
Real Housewives of South Boston Chaffin

Are you ready for some serious Dorchester Neck insanity? This brings me back to my old-school Jersey Shore spin-off Massholes post!

Here are the official show credits:

Jackie Clarke as Jackie
Jessica Eason as Amber
Jamie Denbo as Dawn
Lucia Aniello as Sharon
Jessica Chaffin as Chaffin
Paul W. Downs as Marky Mark’s Cousin

Michael Niles as Paul Pierce Jr.

Written by Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs and Jessica Eason
Directed by Paul W. Downs
Produced by Paulilu & Ilana Glazer
Director of Photography Chris Westlund
Sound Chris Hall (
Sound Mix Will Ogilvie
Color Alex Kropniak
Graphics Matt Mayer

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