Maci Bookout McKinney ACTUALLY Naked and Afraid in new preview video!

Maci Bookout Naked and Afraid photo

We’ve known about Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout’s appearance on Naked and Afraid for more than three months, and despite getting a single screen shot on Thursday then an intro clip and some promo photos on Friday, we still haven’t seen video of Maci actually naked and afraid — until now!

Discovery shared the first video of Maci in the jungles of Nicaragua during Sunday night’s episode of Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars, and later on Twitter:

UPDATE – Here is a better widescreen HD version:

“Watching Naked and Afraid from your couch, it’s easy to point out all the things you think people are doing wrong,” Maci says in the beginning of the clip as she prepares to start a fire. “When you’re here, and you can actually feel the thirst and the pain in your body, it’s a completely different story.”

We then see Maci and her partner, 31-year-old ICU nurse and hunter Justin Tuell, work together in an attempt to get a fire started — which they do. Once the fire erupts, Justin begins to dance around chanting and imitating a caveman. “It seems like she’s going to be a valuable asset to the team,” we hear him say in a voice-over. (Which I am guessing was a big relief for him. I can just imagine his eyes widening when producers told him: “Your partner is a mom from Teen Mom.”)

Maci declares “We are badasses,” before Justin clarifies: “You are a badass. That was beautiful.”

Maci took to Twitter to talk about her upcoming appearance, including a conversation with former Naked and Afraid cast members Amal Alyassiri and Leah Chandler:

AMAL: As a fellow @NakedAndAfraid survivalist, I hope she didn’t get any “extra” help or items for being a celebrity and actually experienced it 100% like the rest of us.

TWEETER: She already said in previous interviews that they were given a few extra items because its the celebrity edition

AMAL: In my opinion, celebrity or not if you want to experience it the true way then it should be like everyone else did. Otherwise your not really experiencing it.

MACI: Nope, only allowed to bring one item… same rules/boundaries as every other brave soul that has signed up for the challenge.

AMAL: Well in that case, welcome to the family!! Are you excited or nervous for your episode?

Teen Mom Maci McKinney Naked and Afraid

MACI: so damn anxious lol!! 2nd most nervous/anxious ive ever been – insertion takes 1st place ??

AMAL: Believe me I know what you mean! But remember no matter what anyone says, take what you got from it and embrace it. You have joined a family of bad asses and its something to be proud of♡

MACI: absolutely!! it changed my life, and i have so much respect for every single naked & afraid family member ?

AMAL: Definitely life changing, being the first muslim on it has opened so many doors for me to help the oppressed. The naked family is amazing ♡

LEAH: Super excited to see @MaciBookout episode I agree it is life changing and you get to meet so many amazing people . I ❤️ our naked family !

AMAL: I was just telling maci about how amazing our naked family is ♡

MACI: thank you ladies!! im all up in my heart rate & my feels ???

Meanwhile, Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney tweeted the clip and expressed his admiration for Maci going on the show. “Babe. You a badass fr fr,” he wrote. True dat!

Maci’s Naked and Afraid episode airs Sunday, June 24 at 9/8c on Discovery. Click here to see her bio and official promo photos, and here to learn a little more about her partner Justin.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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