TEEN MOM YOUNG & PREGNANT Ashley’s restraining order against Shen tossed by a judge

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Ashley Shen feud restraining order

We can officially score one for Grandma Shen in the bitter feud between Teen Mom Young and Pregnant mom Ashley Jones and her future mother-in-law Shenandoah Williams as a judge has tossed the restraining order filed by Ashley against Shen due to lack of merit.

As you might have guessed, the news comes courtesy of Shen herself, who did a Facebook Live session from her car immediately after leaving the court room. “OK, I want everybody to hear this,” Shen began, “I just came out of court for this bogus restraining order and it has been resolved. She had not one shred of evidence. She lied, and the judge saw through her. Order dissolved!”

Shen said Ashley and her sister were treating the whole thing as a joke as they were spotted “out in front of the court room laughing.” She angrily declares: “It was a game to them! And everybody’s been her pawn in this game, and the judge saw right through her.”

In case you missed it, Ashley filed the restraining order back on March 16 after Shen began making posts expressing her anger over how she was portrayed on the series premiere of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant. The filing came after Ashley sent Shen a cease and desist letter on March 14, which had zero effect. Shen admits to accidentally posting Ashley’s phone number in one of her posts, but quickly removed it after a fan pointed it out. Other than that, Shen says that all she posted was the truth — a truth that included numerous screen capped text messages and even a video involving Ashley’s panties.

Unlike Ashley and her mom Pastor Tea, Shen brought a MOUNTAIN of evidence, which she proudly showed off in the video:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Bar's mom Shenandoah Williams restraining order evidence

I a guessing that is a WHOLE LOT of social media and text message print outs right there!

“When you’re bitter and a liar and a manipulator and you do wrong, it comes back to you,” Shen said in the video. “And that’s what happened.”

Shen says that MTV was there filming, but according to online records, the network was denied a motion to film the actual hearing. And even if the MTV cameras were there, chances are that Shen’s face will be blurred because she has announced she has quit the show.

So does this mean the end of the Shen and Ashley feud? Not for a second! “I’m going to file for my grandparent’s rights and I’m going to sue for defamation,” Shen boasts towards the end of the clip.

The restraining order hearing came at a terribly stressful time for Shen as her son Troy Seales is currently on trial in Oakland for murder. Closing arguments were heard earlier this week, and Shen says the jury was still in deliberation when she got out of court for the restraining order.

After her Facebook Live session, Shen did her usual thing by responding to numerous commenters as she continued to angrily gloat about the whole ordeal. Here are some excerpts, with a few grammatical edits to help with readability:

COMMENTER: What are we in court over?

SHEN: She wanted to silence me after I start posting proof that she lied and the show. Once I was attacked physically I quit the show and posted truth she then file a fraudulent order stating some bad things all lies. She did all this horrible stuff but then used the court as a pawn to make me look bad but the judge saw right thru her and her mother lying in court and they had no proof at all so he ruled in my favor and evidence. The baby game hasn’t worked so she though she could manipulate a court like she does people my son her family but she can’t fool him like she can’t fool me.

COMMENTER: Wait what happen, what did I miss. You had 2 court cases Shenandoah? Well I’m glad it all was in your favor, cause I thought you brought spice to the show. Lol ??

SHEN: Ashley filed a bulls**t restraining order claiming I attacked her and all kinds of sh*t the judge caught her up in her lies and couldn’t provide no proof at all again a stunt for the show

COMMENTER: But don’t you guys think it’s weird talking about a child like that? She is 16. You guys are grown. Be role models and Teach her the right way to handle things instead of posting all over fb. Be above all of this!

SHEN: She is an adult love and she took lies to social media and the show I had a point to make and prove she was lying. I did this show for my son with one condition honesty. It was far from it. I cleared my name. Don’t u think it is weird that she has slandered me for no reason simply a story line? There is so much to this back story and current that show didn’t air. I stand for what’s right which is why I quit the show once I was attacked be her and her sister. I will speak and prove truth on my platform. She did it on tv with lies and the show promoted the violence and lies. She talked about my 5 yr old grand baby on here. U can see on my page I won’t sit back in silence any more.

COMMENTER: I’m glad everything went in your favor.. she’s such a damn liar..Bar can do so much better. No person should ever tell somebody to choose them before their MOM.. that chick lost her marbles?..ugh I dislike her wide nose ass always coming for you..now she can finally sit her lying ass down!

SHEN: She won’t her ego won’t let her and I will be waiting that’s who she is love Bar will realize one day now don’t get me wrong I want what’s best for him even if that was with her but her behavior has shown there r deep issues and nothing he does will make her an okay person

COMMENTER: Good for you, I’m glad that dirty hoe looked stupid in court!

SHEN: And her preacher mother committed perjury and judge asked for their proof and guess what they had none. My pile was huge. The only thing she had was convos between me and fans of the show well we have a right to our opinions thank u my friend.

COMMENTER: Oh wow how petty. Like she doesn’t try and make you look bad? You can say whatever you need to to defend yourself! Shes trying to make you look bad on national tv that’s a lot worse then fb lol. Your page is public but obviously you don’t care if she sees its not like your hiding it from her. She was being fake af in her fb video as soon as bar got out of the car she made some b!tchy comments about you and when he jumped back in she tried acting above talking sh*t lol. Fake af

SHEN: She isn’t acting in her mind she is the b!tch and the world owes her cause she cute well she looked ridiculous in court with her mother trying to fool a judge. He didn’t care if she was cute and he is way smarter than her. She filed a fake order with lies and he threw it out. My only reason for all of this was to prove she lied and I’m not who she made me out to be. She called me all thru the pregnancy she calls me when she needs me when her momma tried to fight her with baby in arms and threw them out in the middle of the night and put my son in jail on a lie she called me. She lied on the show and I proved her a liar so she is mad. Truth will always win.

COMMENTER: Sorry to hear you have to go thru all this BS! Your son is too good for that liar ? Hope he sees through her lies too now! Keep doing you, I admire that!

SHEN: He will and Thank u. I told him at my son’s court her lies would be proven in court and they were. My son didn’t even go into court he knows his momma and he knew I would prove it he didn’t want to be embarrassed as she and her mother were. Truth wins real wins I had to clear my good name and prove she is a liar.

SHEN: So how does a preacher walk into a court room and bold face lie?? Godly what? This was always about image and storyline for them but I am who I say I am. Real is always best thank everyone for the support so now what they pulling for a storyline ?? They can’t take who I am and how real I am.

SHEN: Wait why her momma let her embarrass them like that she provided my evidence I had to prove my case. ?? god don’t like ugly he for sure ain’t too fond of pretty but he loves honesty and real.

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