Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry claims her mom’s boyfriend assaulted her

Teen mom Kailyn Lowry with her mother Suzi

Back during Kailyn Lowry’s 16 & Pregnant episode we were introduced to her mom Suzi, who at the time was living in a motel room with her boyfriend and appeared much more interested in him than her daughter or her delicate condition. This, along with her father’s lack of participation in her life, led Kailyn to the difficult decision of moving in with her baby-daddy Jo’s family.

On the bio page for Kailyn from the Teen Mom 2 page MTV provides its own spoiler as they reveal that the Teen Mom moves back in with her mother after her relationship with the Rivera family disintegrates when it’s discovered that she’s been dating a co-worker.

Kailyn’s frustrations with Suzi’s boyfriend apparently came to a head during this period as a Nazareth area news source is reporting that Kailyn attempted to file what is called a protection-from-abuse order against her mom’s man!

The report indicates that Kailyn tried to file this PFA against her mom’s unnamed boyfriend on January 20th but was told that she would not be able to because a PFA was only applicable against:

“…a current or former spouse; a common-law spouse or live-in boyfriend/girlfriend; the parent of the accuser’s child; the accuser’s child; a sexual or intimate partner; or a parent or person related by blood or marriage.”

Kailyn was looking to file this PFA because she claimed that her mom’s boyfriend assaulted her.  The workers at the court house suggested that she should head over to the district judge’s office and look into filing criminal charges.

As we previously posted, this wasn’t Kailyn’s first trip to the County Courthouse as she filed for sole custody of her son Isaac back in September of 2010.