PHOTO Meet Teen Mom 2’s Jo and Vee’s daughter Vivi

Teen Mom 2 Jo Rivera and Vee's daughter Vivi

We shared a post by pregnant Teen Mom 2 star Vetzabe “Vee” Torres earlier featuring a photo of her at the hospital along with her announcement that she had already had her epidural. Vee has since given birth, and proud pop Jo Rivera shared the first photo of their baby daughter Vivi!

Jo, who is not famous for being verbose, shared the photo above holding his newborn daughter moments ago without a caption. So we don’t have any details about their baby such as height, weight and time of birth. We do know she’s damn cute though!

UPDATE – Vee just thanked everyone for their kind words and congratulations:

I love this girl lol!
Thank you EVERYBODY for all the love it is highly appreciated I read everything sorry if I couldn’t comment back to anyone so much going on right now ? & spending time with my girl. Which I can say is an AWESOME LATCHER! Thank the lawddddd. Once again thank you everyone & I feel all the love & support. Velisse is definitely one loved babycakesb??


Congratulations to Jo and Vee! We will continue to update if we’re able to locate more photos of Velisse or additional information.

Click to see photos from Vee's baby shower!

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