Teen Mom 3’s Briana DeJesus hospitalized for mystery illness

Teen Mom 3 Briana DeJesus Hospital

Teen Mom 3‘s Briana DeJesus spent the weekend in the hospital after feeling increasingly sick last week.

After tweeting about feeling under the weather and breaking out into the sweats last Thursday, Briana checked into the hospital in Friday — where she was quickly put on “heavy meds” and ordered to stay overnight.

“Let me remove myself,” she tweeted on Friday. “I’m alone in this damn hospital bored and still upset I have to stay over night.”

Briana DeJesus Hospital

Unfortunately, her condition didn’t seem to improve and doctors struggled to figure out what was going on, so doctors actually decided to transfer her by ambulance to another hospital. Briana seemed to be optimistic for a while, but that faded when doctors said they wanted her to stay for three days. Throughout the next few days, Briana said doctors kept her on a carb-controlled diet and put her on more than one dozen medications, which proved to be a bad combination.

“These meds and this nasty food got my stomach in knots,” she tweeted on Saturday. “I been crying all day I’m hurting save me.”

Briana sounded increasingly desperate to leave on Sunday, when she tweeted about never having been away from daughter Nova for so long. Fortunately for her, boyfriend Shoc was there to help.

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Although Shoc hasn’t earned the best of reputations, Briana made him sound like a real sweetheart in a tribute she posted yesterday…

Just wanted to say thank you for these last few days, even if it was for the smallest things…like surprising me at the hospital…like helping me put my hair up bc I can’t use both of my hands, helping me walk to the bathroom every 5 seconds, helping me put my shirt on so it doesn’t get stuck to my iv, helping me take a shower, or buying me food from outside cause the meals here stink, tucking me into bed, staying up with me all night even tho I knew u were tired, holding my hand when I was receiving antibiotics thru my veins bc it hurt/burned so bad. Just thank you for putting all the nonsense aside and being here for me. I don’t know what tmrw will bring but I do know that when tmrw comes, I’ll still remember what happened yesterday. I just hope we can continue to learn, grow and teach each other new things… Thank u.

Even though Briana said yesterday that doctors didn’t want to release her until they figured out what was going on and then added today that she still doesn’t feel well, it looks like she was finally able to go home this morning in time to see Nova head off to school.

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