Teen Mom Amber Portwood suffers panic attack, taken to hospital

Teen Mom Amber Portwood rushed to hospital after panic attack

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after reportedly suffering a sever panic attack and being unable to breathe.

The troubled 21-year-old was at home with her cousin Krystal Zion when she became overwhelmed by stress, which led Krystal to call 911. An ambulance arrived and rushed Amber to St. James Hospital where she was hooked up to an oxygen machine to assist her breathing.

Amber has a history of struggling with anxiety and depression, and even spent two months in rehab at Seasons Recovery Center in Malibu, California after a failed suicide attempt back in June.

UPDATE – Amber talked with E! News about the panic attack, saying, “I couldn’t breathe and I passed out.” And then, “I stopped breathing.” She also revealed that she continues to struggle with depression and is still suicidal. CLICK HERE to read more!

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/news/teen_moms_amber_portwood_im_still/268330#ixzz1aJZtDLnU

“Amber suffers from a severe anxiety disorder,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“She has panic attacks all the time, but this time it was so bad that she couldn’t breathe.

“Her cousin was worried so she called and ambulance to come help.”

To help combat her anxiety disorder Amber has been taking the prescription drug Klonopin for nearly two years.

“Some people are saying Amber was rushed to the hospital because of a drug overdose, but right now that’s just a rumor,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“The most likely explanation is that she forgot to take her medicine and when her panic attack came on she couldn’t catch her breath.”

All of this comes after Life and Style released a cover story this week claiming Amber Portwood has been doing a lot of drinking and clubbing lately. “At least three times a week, Amber will go out to bars and clubs,” Amber’s brother Shawn told the tabloid.

Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood on the cover of Life and Style October 10 2011

“My friends were there [at the 59th Street Pub] and said she drank damn near a whole bottle of white wine,” Anderson local Shane Butt reveals to Life & Style. “It seems like rehab didn’t help too much.”

“Amber could see Leah every day, but she sees her maybe three times a week,” laments Shawn. “I don’t even know if Amber wants full custody of Leah. She enjoys her freedom too much right now.”

Let’s hope Amber continues to get the help she needs.

On a more positive note, tomorrow is move in day for Gary Shirley and daughter Leah as burly Shirley has officially got himself a new place to live! That’s right, he’s moving out of his mom’s house! Here’s his tweet from earlier today:

Yay so excited tomm is big move in date for Leah and I…… We got the home we want.

Team Leah approves.

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