TEEN MOM 2 PREVIEW Leah Messer talks about moving on from Jeremy Calvert


In this preview clip for the upcoming Teen Mom 2 Reunion Part 1, Leah Messer addresses that awkward dinner with Jeremy Calvert and where she stands on her relationship with him and how it’s going on the co-parenting front.

Dr. Drew – That dinner you had with Jeremy looked pretty painful.

Leah – I mean, it was painful. I think it was painful because, for once, I got to not just say how I feel in an unhealthy place but say how I feel in a healthy place.

Dr. Drew – It sounded like you were expressing sort of romantic feelings still for him.

Leah – At that time I did still love Jeremy. I did. I mean I’m over it, completely over it, but that’s just recently happened. I just recently accepted I don’t think Jeremy and I are good together.

Leah Messer Jeremy Calvert together

Dr. Drew then asks Leah if she and Jeremy are co-parenting Addie well and she makes it clear that she doesn’t feel they are.

Leah – I mean, I have full custody of Addie. He was doing great but he just like moved in with his girlfriend to Ohio.

Dr. Drew – In the last episode, he insisted you meet with her right?

Leah – Can I please say this? He wanted to meet with me because he didn’t want to treat me how Corey and Miranda treated me.

Dr. Drew – So Brooke [Wehr] has gotten involved in the custody issues?

Leah – Right. Jeremy wanted us to talk so we (Leah and Brooke) could get along which I’m okay with.

Dr. Drew – And the custody again then? He’s showing up, he’s not showing up… Because he was a workaholic back when he was married to you. Is it hard to get him to get involved in Addie’s life?

Leah – Yeah.

The Teen Mom 2 Reunion Part 1 airs Monday at 9/8c.