EXCLUSIVE Kailyn Lowry children’s book details, cover, pre-order link

Kailyn Lowry Love Is Bubblegum childrens book cover

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry revealed way back in October that she planned to follow up her successful memoir Pride Over Pity with a children’s book, but that, at the time she was having difficulty finding a publisher. “Looking for a publisher for my children’s book!” Kail tweeted on October 20, adding, “Not really up my current publisher’s alley.”

It seems that Kail’s publisher Post Hill Press–which has had a run of successful Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 titles including books by Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra–had a change of heart. The company is going to put out Kail’s children’s book after all!

Kail made the announcement last week on Twitter that the book will be out later this fall:

We spoke with Kail and she revealed some details about the book, including her inspiration:

It’s a concept book for children about love, inspired by Isaac,” Kail says. “He asked what love was and I didn’t know how to give him a simple answer–mainly because I have a hard time with love myself (in relationships – as people know already). I didn’t know how to explain to him how my love for him would be different from my love for Javi, and how that’s different from loving a color or food, etc.


Kailyn Lowry Javi Isaac beach

As it turned out, Isaac’s question got Kail curious about his and other children’s conceptions of love. “I asked children in my life: my kids, nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids what they thought love was, what it looked like, and how it felt. And I put their explanations into a children’s book.” Kailyn Lowry pregnant with Isaac at the beach

As for Post Hill Press’ change of heart? That was all due to Kail’s diligence. She explains that they originally passed on her manuscript because they didn’t have a lot of experience with the children’s book genre. “But I kept working on the book anyway,” Kail says, “and then they came back around and picked it up!”

The book already has an Amazon listing under the title Love Is Bubblegum, but we’ve been told that that isn’t the actual title. The Amazon listing also has a release date of November 10, one week earlier than what Kail said in her tweet. We reached out to Post Hill Press, and they told us they plan to announce all the details about the title, release date, and cover very soon!

UPDATE – It appears as though Love is Bubblegum is the title after all! And, as you probably noticed, we now have the cover, which has been added at the top of this post.

One thing we assume that the amazon listing has right is the book’s illustrator, which is Fuuji Takashi. Among Fuuji’s children’s book illustration credits are An Angel’s Whisper, Grimms Fairy Tales : The Fox And The Cat, and Cupcake: The little sorcerer who eats her boogers!

Finally, here’s the description of Kail’s book, from the publisher itself:


An exploration of love through a joyful chorus of children’s voices. From the moment our children come into this world, we begin telling them that we love them. But what does love mean to a child? When bestselling author and reality TV star Kailyn Lowry, heard her young son, Isaac, say the word “love” for the very first time she began to wonder what it looked like through his eyes. Isaac’s charming and unexpected response to the simple question, “What is love?” became the inspiration for Love is Bubblegum [working title], a heartwarming and hilarious collection of quotes from children ages four to nine on what love means to them. Breakout illustrator Fuuji Takashi brings each unique perspective to life through vibrant and playful illustrations in this joyful exploration of the most universal human emotion.

Sounds pretty awesome…we can’t wait to find out more!

And, if you literally can’t wait, you don’t need to–you can go ahead and pre-order the book through Amazon by clicking here! There’s no need to worry about the price dropping after you pre-order, either, because Amazon’s “Pre-order Price Guarantee” ensures you’ll get the lowest price between now and the book’s release date!  

(The great photos in this post are from Kail, Javi and Isaac’s family beach vacay photos shoot by Kate Hedrick–just click the link to see more if you missed them the first time around.)

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