Kayli the dancing baby will be your favorite thing this week


Sometimes we all need to take a break from the drama and watch a 2-year-old remind us of what’s important – by showing us ALL THE MOVES!

In this gem of a brief clip that is totally what Instagram was invented for, we see young Kayli lean in with all she’s got and even strike an unforgettable pose.

A few takeaways:

Girl’s got better moves than I’ll ever have.

If I ever hear “Muscle Up” by Team Nue Era in public I will lose my mind and probably slip a disc trying to break it down like Kayli.

I love the way Kayli’s sister cracks up before rallying and joining in.

TAG 2 FRIENDS??? Ft. Mommy & Sister ?

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Thanks Kayli, you made my day! And props to Kara Brown with Jezebel for the find.

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