Leah Calvert shares front view photo of her short haircut, responds to critics

Leah Calvert haircut front view short hair

Last week Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert shared a picture of her new look after having her hair cut short for the first time ever. The photo was from the back and side so it was a little difficult to get the full impact, so Leah tweeted the front view photo above and wrote, “This is for everyone that wanted to see the front of my new hair.”

Here’s the full-length photo:

Leah Calvert haircut front view full length

Apparently the photos drew some criticisms from the hair hatin’ denizens of the interwebs (including a salon owner), with some remarking that the cut was lopsided and looked like it was done at a beauty school. An angry Leah took to Facebook yesterday to respond to those critics:

It’s so sad that a hair stylist/owner of a salon would talk about a haircut looking like it was done at beauty school etc. Like it look horrible. Funny thing is the instructor that cut my hair has been in this career for almost 20 years. Lol I bet when you were in cosmetology school you thought your cuts colors etc were perfecto … im sorry to say I bet your wrong. The talk your doing makes your salon look very trashy and so unprofessional and I don’t even have to call you out. You should be uplifting to others in this career. We need less beauticians like you. (: xoxo

And hair critics (hairitics?) are apparently not Leah’s only problems of late. She also shared a series of angry tweets about someone close to her who has been two-faced. “Im done with being disrespected by too faced good for NOTHING piece of sh!ts,” Leah wrote. “I was pretty easy going in the past but the hell with that … Not anymore. Don’t come crying when it becomes nasty. Im tired of the im better than thou attitude and the different person you are when Certain people are around . That’s about all I gotta say.”

Leah then added, “You won’t pull me around anymore,” and “I feel bad for the ones that think are so loved while they’re being lied to. It seems so perfect, huh? … 😉 ”

Oh snap! Hopefully we’ll find out what this is all about when Teen Mom 2 comes back!

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