Taylor Swift makes nearly $1 million off recent break-up

Taylor Swift attends the 2013 Brit Awards (Brits) held at the O2 arena in London, United Kingdom.

Taylor Swift is known to maximize on her break-ups with a hit song or two, but recently, she took things to a whole new level. According to reports, the country singer has made nearly $1 million off her split from Conor Kennedy. So, how did she do it? By selling the Cape Cod home she purchased during their brief relationship for a huge profit.

Taylor bought the 7 bedroom, 4,400 sq ft Hyannis Port home in August of last year which was not long after the two had begun dating. And apparently she got the house for a steal. The listing price was a reported $13.5 million but Taylor was able to close the deal for around $4.8 million.

Taylor Swift's former home near the Kennedy Compound

Inside of Taylor Swift's Kennedy Compound home

While Taylor and Conor seemed to have something special, their romance quickly faded and in October, their split was announced.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, Taylor unloaded her mansion for $5,675,000 which means a huge profit for Taylor — especially considering she only owned the home for about 7 months.

Currently, Taylor is rumored to be dating British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran (the two were even spotted in London having a late night hotel rendezvous). Do you think she’ll buy a home in England? Hopefully only if the market is working in her favor!

In case you hadn’t heard, Taylor is also raking in some serious money as a day-trader.

Top Photo: WENN.com

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