Stevie J child molestation accusation: Mimi Faust comes to ex’s aid as wild rumors spread

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The Stevie J child molestation accusation that came out of nowhere last week has met incredulous and serious resistance in the form of Stevie’s ex-girlfriend Mimi Faust. Mimi, who gave birth to Stevie’s daughter Eva and shares custody with him, countered that there was no truth to the accusation, and appeared to slam Joseline Hernandez, who started the gossip in the first place.

It’s fair to say that Joseline shocked Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans with her Stevie J child molestation accusation, which appeared to be fueled by resentment over Stevie denying that he was responsible for Joseline’s alleged pregnancy. According to Joseline, Stevie had molested his daughter Eva for years, and both she (Joseline) and Mimi Faust knew about it. (Why they had kept this information to themselves–and why Joseline had remained fake married to Stevie–was not something she brought up.)

Following that shock, a second person came forward and claimed to have knowledge of Stevie J’s alleged misdeeds. Instagram user @mslenajames posted a photo of herself and Eva, claimed to be Mimi Faust’s former nanny, and said she could back up the Stevie J molestation accusation. “You basically tried to get rid of me once I was able to get the truth out of Eva,” Lena said, “when she came home one weekend from her fathers house with redness between her legs and having pain urinating.” She continued: “Tell them about how you told me about him getting arrested for child support like it was some kind of justice then he was out in a matter of days.”

(Lena has since deleted her original post, but you can see a screenshot of it here, as well as read her full accusation.)

Since then, it looks like The Shade Room has managed to debunk the claim. According to their report, Lena James is Mimi Faust’s niece, and “is just mad because she got fired” from her position as Eva’s nanny. To TSR‘s source claims Lena was fired for “[allegedly] stealing her credit card and making purchases on it to a gym to lose weight,” and that she “also burned furniture down in [Mimi’s] house while Mimi was out doing an event for the weekend.” One further allegation is that Lena was pulled over with Eva in the car while carrying drugs. (This was supposedly the “last straw.”)

Mimi herself endorsed this story, sharing it with her fans on Instagram:

After that, she shared a trio of cute photos of herself and Eva…

Morning stretch with nugget?

A photo posted by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

What do you think Eva….. Smooches ?

A photo posted by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

#Winning ? good night…

A photo posted by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

…as did Stevie J, who has otherwise offered no comment, official or unofficial, on the whole wild story:

My princess Eva❤️

A photo posted by Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej_1) on

Given all of that, it looks like the rumor began because of the seriously bad blood between Joseline and Stevie J.

As for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta its batsh!t crazy fifth season is down to a handful of episodes: tune in Monday nights on VH1 to watch.

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(Photo credits: Stevie J child molestation accusation via Instagram)

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