Is Caitlyn Jenner dating Candis Cayne?

Caitlyn Jenner dating one


The most recent episode of I Am Cait certainly got the rumor mill going. Following an interesting closet exchange between Caitlyn and friends, it’s the question everyone’s asking: Is Caitlyn Jenner dating Candis Cayne?

For starters, there’s this clip from last night’s episode to consider. While packing for a road trip with three new trans friends, the topic of sexy clothing comes up, and things get a little bit flushed.

Check out the clip–along with the color of Caitlyn’s cheeks:



“You need a sexy [outfit] for Candis,” teases Rhonda Kamihira.

While Caitlyn blushes, Rhonda’s daughter asks–innocent as could be–”Who’s Candis?”

Caitlyn’s response? “We’re not going there. Candis is a girl that’s going on the trip with us.” Sure sounds evasive…

And, when Rhonda asks her straight up if she finds Candis attractive, Caitlyn has to admit it: “She’s a very attractive lady.”


Caitlyn Jenner dating four


Of course, Caitlyn is much more measured in a confessional video taped just after the exchange. “Candis is a beautiful woman,” she repeats. “But, as far as dating in the future, I have absolutely no idea.”

“These girls won’t give up,” Caitlyn added, sounding both exasperated about the dating question and happy to be the focus of so many questions.

Candis appears at several points throughout the episode, but there’s no confirmation of any mutual interest just yet.


(Photo credits: Caitlyn Jenner dating via WENN, E! Network)

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