Sony e-mail hack: Execs think Leonardo DiCaprio is “despicable”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn shopping at the Beverly Hills Farmers Market


For those of us on the sidelines, the Great Sony Hacker Attack of 2014 is the gift that keeps on giving. So far, we’ve seen five films yet to be released in theaters find their way onto the internet; the script (and attendant critiques) of the just-now-filming next James Bond movie get leaked; and a whole bevy of personal, highly catty e-mail exchanges get put into the hands of The Right People.

Why, it was only a few days ago that producer Scott Rudin had to backtrack hilariously after it was reported that he really thought Angelina Jolie is a “minimally-talented spoiled brat.” And if there’s one thing that’s more fun than non-consequential personal exchanges made public, it’s watching the people in those exchanges do a public about-face so fast they fall straight on their pampered asses.

So it is with no small amount of glee that we bring to you the latest Sony Hack Attack TruthBomb: Co-chair Amy Pascal thinks that Leonardo DiCaprio is “despicable.”

To be (somewhat) fair to Pascal, what she was describing was DiCaprio’s behavior in backing out of Sony’s planned Steve Jobs biopic.

Here’s how the exchange went down:

Asked Mark Gordon, the producer of the planned film, “Was this about the deal [we had with him]…or did he just change his mind?”

“The latter,” responded Pascal.

“Horrible behavior,” said Gordon.

“Actually despicable,” was how Pascal put it.

Remember, though: This is the same biopic Christian Bale was supposed to star in, and which he has since pulled out of. Probably because his agent reminded him that a biopic about a software engineer sounds as interesting as stale turds. So it hardly seems fair to criticize DiCaprio for coming to the same conclusion. Thanks, Ashton Kutcher, for being the first one to ride that roller coaster.

(It’s kind of a shame, too–Kutcher, by far, looks the most like Jobs out of the three men.)

There’re sure to be more goodies from the Sony fallout. Stay tuned.

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