Pregnant Snooki gets into hot water for using expectant mother parking spot

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Snooki, who recently announced her second pregnancy with fiance Jionni LaValle, got a bit of backlash a few days ago when she posted a photo of herself pulling into a reserved parking spot for pregnant women at Babies-R-Us. Should pregnant women use reserved parking spots even if they’re not very far along or sick?

Part of why people responded negatively to Snooki’s parking lot posting is because she’s been touting healthy workout regimes for pregnant women, and posting pictures of herself lifting weights and exercising with tires.

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“So hell yea I’ve been getting my last rounds of flipping tires and hardcore weight training. Now that the second trimester has started, YOU CAN STILL WORK OUT,” Snooki wrote on her blog. “Just have to change your routine a little bit to be safe for you and your child. Thanks to my fabulous trainer Anthony Michael he has been training me safely.”

“I feel special again,” Snooki posted with her Instagram photo. Some of Snooki’s followers called her out, and she responded by calling them out. To someone who wrote “So you can work out but walking 30 more feet would kill you? Shame Shame,” Snooki replied:

“Totally not singling you out Manderz, since you’re not the only one saying this. (But I kind of am) ….I parked in the stork section at babies r us because I am expecting. I got excited to park there again. I went to the store tonight at 7pm, where there were only 5 cars in the parking lot so I am sure I wasn’t putting any further along pregnant women in harms way. I didn’t park in the spot because “I’m lazy”, I parked because I’m excited to be pregnant again, lighten up people. Always see a problem in EVERYTHING I post. I’ll never get it. God bless . And I’ll be sure to park my pregnant ass in the last parking spot or the parking lot and post a picture to satisfy you.”

What do you think? Should pregnant women who are not far along or experiencing any difficulties park in spaces reserved for pregnant women?

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