SISTER WIVES Throwback Robyn Brown breakdancing video

Sister Wives Robyn Brown breakdancing video

On tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown was FINALLY able to visit Robyn Brown and her children. However, the emotional reunion was soon upstaged by an old video of Robyn “breakdancing” seductively when she was just 18!

Let me set the stage a bit. Robyn and her family have essentially been in quarantine for close to a year. They adhere to a very strict list of protocols, and have spent pretty much all of their time under home confinement.

So, what did Robyn and her five kids do to entertain themselves? Apparently they powered up the VCR and watched old videos of Robyn!

“The other night we were watching mom’s home videos from when she was 19 and 20 on the VCR,” Aurora reveals to Meri, “and there was a couple of them where she was like –”
“Wait,” Meri interrupts, “you guys have a VCR still?”

Solomon gets the conversation back on track. “She, my mom, can like breakdance,” he says.”
Meri turns to Robyn. “He just told me you can breakdance.”

The scene cuts to Meri in a solo interview with producers. “I did not know that Robyn was a breakdancer. She’s been holdin’ out on me!” she laughs.

The scene shifts back to Robyn’s house. “She was gettin’ down low!” Aurora says as her sister Breanna acts out one of her mom’s moves.

“I don’t know if breakdancing is the right word,” Robyn says in a solo interview as she smiles. “I had a few moves.”

Viewers are then treated to the actual video, which shows young Robyn gettin’ jiggy with it. She even gets a little seductive! During a brief break, we see little Ariella spinning around on her back on the floor. Robyn laughs as she points out that she “didn’t do the spinning,” just as the scene goes back to the throwback dancing clip.

My words simply could not do the clip justice, so here it is (with some updated music):

“I was about 18 years old,” Robyn says. “And I was doing some, like, music videos, and we were watching them. It was really fun. The kids were loving it.”

And so were one million plus Sister Wives viewers!

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