Sister Wives bombshell: Janelle divorced Meri’s brother to later marry Kody!

Sister Wives Meri Kody and Janelle Brown
Sister Wives’ Janelle divorced Meri’s brother to later marry Meri’s husband!

The Brown family from TLC have stated that the purpose of making their polygamist lifestyle public was to show that they were very much like other American families with just that one little “more moms” difference.  Well the latest bombshell dropped by Star is going to go a long way in setting back any positive vibes that the Browns provided via the show.

Star Magazine has come out with an incredible piece of family history on the Browns that they conveniently forgot to mention during the taping of the show.  Kody Brown’s second wife Janelle was married to his first wife Meri’s brother and divorced him to later wed Kody!

The magazine is directly citing a marriage certificate that shows that Janelle legally wed Adam Barber in Salt Lake City in December of 1988. They divorced in 1990, just three years before Janelle and Kody wed in a nontraditional commitment ceremony.  Kody is only legally married to his first wife Meri.

The family is currently under investigation for bigamy in Utah but it is considered highly unlikely that law enforcement will pursue any legal action.

This sensational bit of information isn’t going to assist the Browns with their goal to make plural marriage a more socially acceptable lifestyle choice.  Janelle leaving Meri’s brother and then later becoming Kody’s second wife sounds just like a plot line out of HBO’s Big Love.  Let me word it this way; Kody Brown is married to his ex-sister-in-law.  Or I could word it this way; Meri shares a man with her brother’s ex-wife.  Anyway you say it, this certainly comes off as far from the norm.

Does this most recent bit of information change your opinion about the Browns or does it just confirm previously held reservations about their plural marriage lifestyle?

(CLICK HERE for an easy-to-read chart illustrating the entire Brown Family Tree, including all 4 sister wives, 16 children and 2 ex-husbands!)

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