See the Sister Wives all dressed up for a formal Plexus MLM event

Several stars of TLC’s Sister Wives gathered for a formal event in honor of their controversial MLM Plexus.

Find out who was there… who brought a date… and see the photos below:

Sister Wives

Sister Wives is a TLC reality program that follows the polygamist Brown family. The show has aired for 17 seasons and has seen Kody Brown and his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn through a host of up and downs.

Recently the gang seems to be falling apart, with third wife Christine officially leaving the family in late 2021. She is currently engaged to David Woolley, so there is zero chance of reconciliation.

As for Kody’s other wives, Meri was never able to recover their relationship after her infamous catfishing scandal and Janelle seems to be estranged though no official announcement has been made of her separation.

Kody Brown is currently “basically a monogamist” with fourth wife Robyn Sullivan Brown, and their children don’t think there is any chance they’ll expand the family.

What is Plexus?

While the Brown family is fractured, several of them are still close to each other – even if not to Kody.

Christine and Janelle still consider themselves sister wives, and even share a hobby. The pair are part of a controversial multilevel marketing scheme known as Plexus.

Plexus is a weight loss program that includes a special pink drink, along with other concoctions that promise a healthy gut and an alternative to shedding the pounds.

The products are sold in an MLM style and isn’t afraid to boast about it. Christine and Janelle likely got into it together because of the structure explained on the Plexus website:

Introduce the people you love to the products you love—because really, they’re too great to keep to yourself. Change someone’s life with a great product, and change your own life with the opportunity to grow your income, earn incredible rewards, and find personal fulfillment. Love it. Share it. Become an Ambassador.**

The Browns dressed up

Plexus Worldwide held a convention this weekend in Nashville and Christine Brown attended with her fiancé David Woolley.

Janelle Brown was also there with daughter Madison Brush who is also involved in the MLM.

The Sister Wives stars looked gorgeous all decked out for the formal celebration… with Kody Brown’s ex’s looking better than ever… though we can’t know for sure if it’s thanks to their drinking of Plexus or not.

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