SEEKING SISTER WIFE Meet Tosha & Sidian’s potential new Filipino sister wife Arielle EXCLUSIVE

Seeking Sister Wife Sidian Tosha and Arielle from the  Philippines

TLC officially announced a few days ago that their polyamorous romance reality series Seeking Sister Wife is coming back for a fourth season in June. The press release about the new season revealed that Season 3 couple Tosha and Sidian Jones would be returning and that they would be taking inspiration from their Season 3 (and Season 4) co-stars Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield by looking for a sister wife in another country.

“Sidian and Tosha Jones are long-distance dating potential Filipino sister wife Arielle,” the press release states. And that’s all the details we were given by the network on Arielle and the Jones’s story line this season. Thankfully, Starcasm is on the case and we have lots more information on Arielle!

28-year-old Arielle’s full name is Arielle Jazmine Roque and she was born in the Luzon area of Manila. She has stated online that she was, in fact, named after two Disney princesses.
Arielle and her family of four moved to Koronadal City in the province of South Cotabato when she was 9.

At a young age, Arielle began competing in beauty pageants and her recent finishes include Reyna ng Aliwan 2017 2nd runner-up, Miss Philippines Earth 2020 runner-up, and Miss FIT Philippines 2020 1st Runner Up.

Here is a teaser video of Arielle promoting her appearance in the Miss Philippines Earth 2020 pageant:

It’s very easy to see why Sidian and Tosha might be attracted to Arielle, but I’m assuming the attraction was more than physical.

According to Arielle’s LinkedIn resume, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. “I am the HRDO of Dreametry Creative Design Studio,” Arielle writes in her bio. “I also work as a freelance Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant and Content Writer. Outside the techy environment, I am also a pageant enthusiast, freelance model and host.”

Her resume seems like a perfect match for Sidian, whose professional background includes graphic design, online marketing, and user interface design.

Speaking of resume matches, Tosha’s LinkedIn states that she was a product manager at Dreametry from November, 2017 until December of 2021. That’s right! Tosha was a product manager at the same company that Arielle worked as a human resource development officer! I’m guessing that is how Ariella first met either Tosha or Sidian?

Viewers of the show will recall that Sidian first met Tosha through work as well. From our previous post about Tosha and Sidian’s first wife being arrested on the same day:

Sidian started a company called Alchemyst Ejuice in February of 2014. “Alchemyst is a craft ejuice company, bringing entirely unique and delicious flavors to the world of vaping,” according to the company’s defunct website.

Sidian’s first wife’s online resume states that she was Director of Sales and Marketing for Alchemyst Ejuice from October, 2013 to March, 2016. Tosha’s online resume states that she was Operations Manager at Alchemyst Ejuice from October, 2015 – April, 2019.

I assume that when Tosha mentions meeting Sidian at her job, she was referring to her time at Alchemyst Ejuice. If that’s the case, then Tosha conveniently left out the fact that Sidian was her boss and that his wife also worked for the company!

I could find no evidence of Ariella being in the United States recently. I also didn’t see any evidence of either Sidian or Tosha traveling to the Philippines. Of course, they could have avoided posting any travel photos in order not to spoil the upcoming season. We will just have to tune in and see when Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 premieres Monday, June 6 at 10/9c on TLC!

Until then, here are a few more easy-to-look at photos of Tosha and Sidian’s potential new sister wife Arielle, including a picture of Arielle with blonde hair, and a throwback selfie from 2011:

Seeking Sister Wife Arielle from the Philippines

Seeking Sister Wife Arielle Roque bikini photos

Tosha and Sidian Jones potential sister wife Arielle as a blonde

Seeking Sister Wife Arielle throwback photo

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