SEEKING SISTER WIFE Tosha Jones injured after tumbling down the stairs

Seeking Sister Wife Tosha Jones at the hospital after injury

We’re sending get well wishes to the Great Northwest today after Seeking Sister Wife star Tosha Jones was injured taking a tumble down the stairs last night.

Tosha posted a photo of herself in a wheelchair on Instagram late last night. She captioned it with a lengthy message expressing her appreciation for Sidian and their children — who were a great source of love and support after the incident.

Here’s Tosha’s message:

I feel so loved right now. My family surrounded me with love and concern when the saw me hurt. When Sidian and I got back from the hospital our youngest was waiting in the window and jumped up as soon as he saw the car. He built me a fort while I was gone to recover in because it’s comfy, dark and quiet and brought all his stuffed animals down for me. Liam made me a smoothie of his own creation as when he’s sick, or sad I shower him with nice and healthy things to feel better. Everyone worked together and propped me up, brought me pillows, Pat moved furniture to aid me. They literally did everything without me asking they just saw I was in need and began to take care of me. Sidian carried me around as I just couldn’t use my one leg.

It brought me to tears knowing how much I mean to my family and to be reminded of that love I feel every day in such a profound way. It may seem silly but I am just so thankful to have that respect and admiration in my life from those closest to me.

Tosha clarified what happened in the comments of her post. “I fell down the stairs,” she explained. Tosha was carrying some clothes she planned to donate when her dogs cut in front of her and caused her to “fall down a few steps.” She mentioned in another comment that she “wrecked my foot pretty good.”

The 30-year-old reality star was appreciative, admitting that her injuries “could have been much worse.” It was also a good thing that she was not alone. “I’m very thankful Sidian heard the tumble and responded so quickly to help.”

Speaking of Sidian, he shared the same photo of Tosha in a wheelchair on Instagram. “Tosha fell down a couple stairs tonight 😫!” he wrote. “Scared the hell out of me when I heard the crash. I came running and found her in pain on the floor 😢. We’re getting her all checked out.”

Tosha Jones Surgery

This is actually the second medical issue Tosha has posted about since late last year. In December, she shared a photo recovering from what looks to have been a serious surgical procedure.

Seeking Sister Wife Tosha Jones surgery

Here’s Tosha’s caption, revealing that the photo was taken the day after her surgery:

Surgery yesterday has me feeling rough today. New Years celebrations are going to be clam reflections and bright hopes for the year ahead.

I am so incredibly thankful to have family and friends who support me when I need it most. It’s been a difficult few months and this surgery was a burden I didn’t have to carry alone. Thank you all so much for being there for me.

Cheers to brighter days ahead and many memories to be made this year. Love you all 💛

Tosha didn’t share any specific details about the procedure she had done, but she did describe it as “much needed” in the comments after someone expressed concerns for Tosha’s health wished her a speedy recovery.

“Oh it’s okay thank you so much for your kindness,” Tosha replied. “It was a much needed surgery. I’m going to feel better then ever soon. I have people who love me checking in on me every day. And everyone online has been so kind and supportive. I appreciate you. 💛”

Tosha updated a few days later by revealing that she was still recovering from the procedure — but she was able to do some baking for the kids!

Perhaps the surgery will addressed on Seeking Sister Wife this season? Getting back to the present, we hope Tosha’s recovery from her recent tumble is quick and she’s back on her feet soon!

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