SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dannielle and Garrick Merrifiled reunite with Roberta in Brazil

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifiled reunite with Roberta in Brazil

Seeking Sister Wife couple Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield haven’t seen their potential new Brazilian sister wife Roberta in more than a year. Roberta has allegedly received her visa to come to the United States, but she has been dragging her heels — partly due to the failing health of her mother.
The Merrifields are growing a bit impatient, and during the Season 4 episode titled “So Many Things Could Go Wrong” they fly to Brazil to meet with Roberta and figure out what’s going on. Oh, and try to make some babies!

The Merrifields still only know about six total words in Portugeuse, so they hire a translator to help their conversations with Roberta. Things get emotional when Roberta arrives at the Airbnb.
“It’s pretty unreal seeing Roberta again for the first time,” Dannielle tells the camera. “It feels surreal.”
Soon after the trio is reunited, Dannielle leaves Garrick and Roberta so they can have some alone time together.

Roberta opens up about how happy she is to see her potential future husband again. “For me, seeing Garrick, who gets so emotional when he sees me, and when he talks about me and our relationship, it brings me so much peace. It brings me so much joy because I have never met someone with a heart as pure as his.”

Garrick is similarly smitten, and pleased with Roberta’s reaction. “Me and Roberta, we’re just emotional as a family reuniting, which is great. I mean, definitely I was hoping for that, and wanted to see that before we got into some serious talks about Roberta having to book this plane ticket.”

Roberta and Garrick soon rejoin Dannielle and their translator at the dinner table and Roberta shares more about her take on #TheFamilyMerrifield reunion. “I am not gonna lie, it’s very beautiful and difficult. Very beautiful because this is everything I’ve always wanted. I’ve never felt so much love before. But it’s still a long way off because we’re not together.”
Garrick wipes tears from Roberta’s eyes as Dannielle assures her: “I think the real happiness will be when we’re finally all together in America.”

Garrick asks Roberta if she wants to stay at the Airbnb with him and Dannielle, and she emphatically says that of course she does. “I don’t ever want to be apart from you guys again…never.”
Roberta then reveals that she doesn’t want to continue to try having a baby until she is in the United States.
Dannielle breaks down into tears. “I think I’m just amazed because, like, because I felt the same way, exactly how she felt and what she’s saying.”
Garrick seems to slowly catch what’s being implied and he looks at Roberta and says, “I have to have…be safe.” he says.
Roberta says “yeah” and everyone laughs.

Garrick and Roberta head off to their room and we’re left with Dannielle’s reflections on hanging out by herself in a Brazialian Airbnb while her husband has sex with another woman. “You know, it has been so long since we’ve seen Roberta, and it’s been a long time since Garrick and her have had intimacy. So. I think, you know, there’s those thoughts that come up and try to tempt you — and insecurities that try to creep back in with jealousies. But I am just putting those out of my head, and really hope that Garrick and Roberta have a good night together.”

Meanwhile, in the action bedroom, Garrick asks Roberta if she will be coming to Colorado. “Yeah, of course,” she says.

The episode ends with a pending night full of sweet love making for 2/3 of the Merrifields and a trip to meet Roberta’s mother the following day.

To see how the meeting with Mama Bert goes, be sure to tune in next Monday night at 10/9c for the new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife!

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