SEEKING SISTER WIFE Epps family eviction update

Seeking Sister Wife Marcus Epps family eviction update

As Starcasm first reported, the Epps family from Seeking Sister Wife were evicted from their Florida rental property in April. The Eppses quickly filed to have the eviction ruling vacated, and they had a lot of valid arguments. We now have an update on the case!

The eviction case had a hearing on May 8. Marcus’s wives Taryn and India (whose names are on the lease) were present in court, as was a representative for the landlords.

In summary, the parties were able to reach an agreement. The Eppses agreed to move out by the end of May. The money the Eppses placed in the Court Registry ($10,360.78) pending a ruling will go to the landlords. The Eppses are not obligated to pay rent for May and they are entitled to the return of their security deposit.

Congratulations to the Epps ladies for having the eviction vacated! I assume we will be seeing photos and videos of the Epps family moving out on social media soon!

For those of you wanting ALL the receipts from the eviction case, here is the ruling, followed by the stipulations filed two days later:

Epps Family Eviction Case Ruling

1. The parties came to an agreement in open court as to issues of setting aside/vacating the Final Judgment, date to vacate the property, funds in the registry, and dismissal of the counterclaim; as part of the agreement May 2023 rent is not owed.

2. A signed stipulation with the terms will be filed no later than May 11, 2023, by 2 p.m.

3. The Defendant’s withdraw their motion.

Epps Family Eviction Case Stipulations

1. The Final Judgement for Possession entered April 7, 2023 shall be vacated and set aside.

2. The CounterClaim filed by the Defendants is dismissed.

3. The Plaintiff is entitled to the monies in the Court Registry totaling $10,360.78.

4. The Defendants are not required to pay rent for May, 2023.

5. The lease terminates on May 31, 2023. Defendants will vacate the premises no later than May 31, 2023 by 5:00 p.m.. Defendants will turn in their keys to Plaintiff when they vacate so Plaintiff knows they have vacated. There shall be no other persons in the premises when Defendants vacate.

6. The Defendants will be eligible for a return of their security deposit. The Security Deposit will be handled pursuant to F.S. 83.49.

7. If the Defendants vacate the premises in the time and manner specified in paragraph 5, The Plaintiff will file a voluntary dismissal of this action.

8. In the event Defendants shall fail to vacate the premises in the time and manner specified in paragraph 5, then Plaintiff shall be entitled to a Huai Judgment for possession without the necessity of a Hearing and with no further notice to Defendants.

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