Scott Disick stashes Kourtney Kardashian in the friend zone, makes play for Bieber’s 18-year-old friend with benefits

Are Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian 3

Are Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian ever getting back together? Kourtney’s been sending her fair share of friendly vibes Scott’s way, despite a recent–and apparently very strict–no nude selfies rule. But Scott, 32 seems to want to keep Kourtney in the friend zone…which might be why it looks like he has his sights set on Sofia Richie, Justin Bieber’s 18-year-old fling.

Scott and Kourtney “are totally getting back together one day,” according to Khloe Kardashian, who seems to think that the pair’s three children will be more than enough to help them rekindle their romance. And comments in Kourtney’s recent Cosmopolitan interview have been seen as a potential eyebrow-raising thaw in relations between herself and estranged partner Scott, who has gone on at least two beach vacations with Kourtney and the kids this summer.

“[Nude selfies are] just not my thing,” Kourtney said, without explaining whether or not she recently quit her nude selfie habit cold turkey. “I’m confident to a degree but I don’t like to [share] too much where it’s like trying to be too sexy….Like a bra, underwear, robe. I definitely do that but I’m never really taking photos of myself fully naked. It’s out of my comfort zone. Maybe because I have three kids.”

Even more (potentially) revealing was Kourtney’s response to the question “Do you consider yourself a super-sexual person?”

Yeah, I think I am but I don’t just want to have sex with any random person. I’m really picky. My friends are always like, “You’re the most picky person we know.” Even just about who I talk to or make out with. I wish I could just be like, Whatever, who cares?

But Scott apparently just wants to be friends…

Bff goals

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…because, as rumors have it, the love triangle between himself, Kourtney, and Justin Bieber may well have sprouted a fourth point and become a rectangle of sex–a rhomboid of reproduction, if you will. Scott has been seen spending quality time with Sofia Richie, thanks in part to Richie’s participation in a string of Yeezy-related events during New York Fashion Week.

Thank you Kanye for having me in such a beautiful show

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Sofia, who turned 18 three weeks ago, has twice as many years between herself and Scott Disick as Tyga has between himself and Kylie. Scott’s newfound appreciation for Lionel Richie’s youngest daughter is believed to be some sort of carnal retaliation for Justin’s string of one-night stands with Kourtney, which began approximately one year ago, and spawned as many pregnancy rumors as Kourtney has actual children.

(Photo credits: Are Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian via Instagram)

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