Russell Brand “Obsessed” With Bridal Magazines

Oh, Katy Perry. She’s still trying to get Russell Brand to put a ring on it, even though the notorious manwh0re is allegedly getting tired of being in a monogamous relationship. He was even spotted at that infamous Victoria’s Secret party last week that Lindsay Lohan was banned from! He was probably there to meet women with great personalities.

Anyway, Katy is telling the press that she is not the one obsessed with plans, but that Russell just HAS to stop and buy the latest copy of Modern Bride when they go out. As for when they’ll get married, she says it’ll be “perfect time” that “none” of us will ever know. Might I suggest…never?

In the meantime, Russell has been telling reporters that he “likes” sleazebags Jesse James and Tiger Woods, insisting that they “seem like nice guys.” He also says that he’s totally clueless about his wedding plans:

“”I am getting married to a woman, that’s all I know, Women are in charge. When you get married, you don’t let your husband decide. He’ll be an idiot!”

Image: Fly Net