My Five Wives family tree and Brady Williams’ marriage timeline

My Five Wives Brady Williams family photo

With most reality show families it’s pretty easy to learn everybody’s names and how they relate to each other, but on TLC’s new series My Five Wives there is 1 husband, 5 wives and 24 kids to keep track of! So, as a quick reference for viewers, I’ve put together a marriage timeline for patriarch Brady Williams combined with a My Five Wives Williams family tree with photos, names and ages of all the lil Williams! (Should I start calling them Lilliams?)

First off, here is Brady Williams with each of his five wives with the order (1 being first, 5 being last) in which he married each of them:

Brady Williams and his five wives numbered in order of their marriages Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda

Brady Williams’ wives in order of when they were married:

1. Paulie
2. Robyn
3. Rosemary
4. Nonie
5. Rhonda

And here are family photos of Brady Williams with each wife and their children with a list of the children’s names and ages underneath each photo. (I believe the ages are correct for when the series premiered on March 9, 2014.)

My Five Wives Brady Williams and his first wife Paulie family photo with their children Karlie Joshua Madeline September Maura and Camry

Above: Brady Williams and his first wife Paulie and their children:

1. Karlie, 21
2. Joshua (Josh), 19
3. Madeline, 17
4. September, 15
5. Maura, 13
6. Camry, 10

My Five Wives Brady Williams and his second wife Robyn family photo with their children Hannah Lauren Dane Thomas and Trey

Above: Brady Williams, his second wife Robyn and their children:

1. Thomas, 13
2. Lauren, 17
3. Hannah, 20
4. Trey, 10
5. Dane, 15

KimbMy Five Wives Brady Williams' third wife Rosemary family photo with children erly Taylor James and Brandon

Above: Brady Williams, his third wife Rosemary and their children:

1. James, 14
2. Kimberly, 18
3. Brandon, 11
4. Taylor, 15

My Five Wives Brady Williams' fourth wife Nonie family photo and their children Rachel Aeyden Paul Marissa Tailee

Above: Brady Williams, his fourth wife Nonie and their children:

1. Rachel, 13
2. Aeyden, 8
3. Paul, 15
4. Marissa, 10
5. Tailee, 4

My Five Wives Brady Williams and his fifth wife Rhonda family photo with their children Lake Arwen Nikolas Eden

Above: Brady Williams and his fifth wife Rhonda and their children:

1. Lake, 11
2. Arwen, 8
3. Nikolas, 2
4. Eden, 13

UPDATE: In the finale episode of the show Brady Williams revealed a family tree tattoo on his upper arm.

All original photos: Discovery/TLC

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