Are 16 & Pregnant’s Nicole Fokos and Tyler Keller still together?

Nicole Fokos and Tyler Keller from episode seven of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant were the second couple this season who have potential to work long-term (episode six’s Samantha and Eric also seemed pretty solid.)

Tyler, much like the Tyler from last season and Teen Mom, seems to be a real sweetie. He’s kind of immature, but not in the way that most of the boys featured in this series are. He genuinely loves Nicole and their daughter Brooklyn, and it looks like as of tonight they are still going strong!

Nicole had this to say on MTV’s Remote Control blog:

“I’ve had to grow up much more quickly because of Brooklyn. I don’t regret having her, but I regret having to do this at such a young age. Luckily, I have Tyler and our families to support us.

Tyler is the most supportive boyfriend I could ask for. He always helps me take care of the baby — I don’t even have to ask. He wakes up throughout the night and feeds her, changes her and makes her laugh. I think the best thing for Brooklyn is a dad who supports her and loves her and is there for her no matter what. It’s also great that she gets to see what a good relationship we have.”

So sweet!

Here’s Peggy Lee singing “Ain’t We Got Fun” in Nicole and Tyler’s honor: