EXCLUSIVE Life After Lockup preview: Chazz confronts Branwin about escorting profile VIDEO

Life After Lockup Branwin escorting site

We’ve got another exclusive Life After Lockup sneak peek clip for you courtesy of WE tv! In this week’s video, Chazz and Branwin continue to struggle with typical newlywed stuff — like when a wife reactivates her online escort account and doesn’t want to talk about it.

The video begins with Chazz chasing Branwin and her friend through the streets of Portland as he tries to talk with her about the escorting profile. Unfortunately for Chazz, Branwin’s aversion to him has grown beyond just sexual and now includes conversation as well.

“I posted online for somebody,” Branwin explains to the cameraman, “and my husband called me a prostitute.”

The scene cuts to Branwin in a confessional in which she explains that her re-activated escorting account was a just a big misunderstanding. “A girlfriend of mine is banned off a website that they use for, like, adult entertainment page, and I still have my account, so she asked me if I could post an ad for her and she would pay me for it.”

A producer present during the confessional was skeptical of Branwin’s explanation. “If you’re posting for your friend, why are your pictures on the site?” she asks.

Branwin stares quietly and doesn’t answer the question.

Meanwhile, Chazz continues to chase his street sidewalk walking wife in hopes of talking about their issues, but Branwin is having NONE of it. Eventually Branwin and her gal pal get into a vehicle, followed by Chazz getting into his car and driving off.

During Chazz’s confessional it seems that he is FINALLY waking up to the fact that his marriage might not last forever. “Seeing Branwin getting very defensive makes me think: ‘What if Tawny’s right?’ I want to trust my wife, but I’m now confused, hurt, and incredibly p*ssed off,” he reveals

We get more of Chazz’s painful enlightenment after he parks his car and shares his thoughts with the mounted GoPros. “I’m f***ing lonely as s**t. I’ve been more lonely since we got married than I’ve ever been, and it’s all because I’ve been waiting for her! I don’t know what to do,” Chazz admits as he starts driving again. “I’m at a complete f***ing loss.

Will Chazz finally bail on his #Chazzwin happily ever after dreams? Or will he continue to try to make it work with his resistant spouse? And will Branwin finally come clean about her escort profile? To find out, be sure to tune in for the new episode of Life After Lockup airing Friday night at 9/8c on WE tv!

If you’re curious to know more about Branwin’s escorting profile, it is apparently still active. @MerryPants on Instagram shared a screen cap from Branwin’s Bailee Bane’s profile just last week — just swipe the gallery below to see:

If Chazz wants to talk with Branwin about their issues, he simply needs to make a $200 “donation” to get 30 minutes of her time!

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