RHOSLC Meredith Marks hired a private investigator to follow Jen Shah

Most of Jen Shah’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast was shocked when she was arrested by the feds for fraud. Meredith Marks, however, was completely unfazed. She even hinted to Mary Cosy that someone might have tipped off the FBI about Jen. At the beginning of tonight’s episode, Meredith revealed that she hired a private investigator.

Lisa Barlow and some of the other women were getting weird text messages. Lisa suspects it was Jen because of the way Jen spells because as “bcuz” in text messages.

Meredith explained that she had hired a P.I. on Jen because her son Brooks was being texted threats, and she suspected it was Jen. Jen’s social media accounts have tweeted and liked offensive things about Meredith’s family. Jen has apologized, but shifted the blame to her “team.” Meredith didn’t mention that her P.I. was looking into anything else concerning Jen.

After Jennie Nguyen and some of the other women argued that Jen might need some compassion during this time, Meredith didn’t agree. Heather Gay also spoke out about her belief in being Jen’s friend because of the positive qualities she knew about her before her arrest. She feels bad for Jen because she thinks she’s going to prison. She wants to visit her when she’s in prison

Lisa asked, “At what point is it being a good friend or just being f**king stupid?”

Mary also has a hard time giving Jen a break even though she has preached that she’s heartbroken over Jen’s situation. “I have never seen good in Jen,” Mary said.

Meredith says she’s out of chances with Jen and has no intention of “showing up for her” now. Heather replies that now would be a good time to see the good in Jen because she’s “stripped of everything.”

Meredith feels like Jen has never been honest with her. She says she is “utterly revolted” by the idea that Jen may have scammed elderly people. She doesn’t want Jen around her, her family, or her store.

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