RHONJ Jennifer Aydin found out Bill was cheating from a credit card receipt, had her fourth child the next day

Jennifer Aydin baby Christian

Last week on RHONJ Margaret Josephs revealed that Jennifer Aydin’s husband Bill had had an affair. Marge says she had known about this for a long time because it was a story circulated in the area. She was upset about how Jennifer has judged her for cheating on her former husband Jan with her current husband Joe when he was hired to do molding work in their home. Now that it’s been exposed, Jennifer is sharing the heartbreaking story behind finding out about her husband’s affair.

Jennifer told Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania that she found out about the affair 11 years when she was pregnant with her fourth child Christian. The family had just moved to New Jersey, and Bill was working a lot and making a lot of money. “He was really feeling himself for a bit,” Jennifer says.

Her first sign that he was being unfaithful, however, was an unusual charge on their credit card for VIP bottle service at a club. She then saw a text message from the other woman on his phone.

Jennifer felt really vulnerable because she was just days away from her due date and she had not income of her own. When she confronted Bill about what she found, he admitted to having an affair but told her that he didn’t love the other woman and didn’t want a divorce. He also told her that the secret relationship was already over.

As for what clued her in that something might be amiss, Jennifer told Dolores and Teresa she notice some unusual charges on their credit card receipt.

Jennifer says she got angry and threw things. The next day, she went into labor and gave birth to Christian. She says once she had moments with Bill and the new baby she decided she wanted to make their marriage work.

She says until now, she and Bill had never discussed the affair again. She didn’t even tell her sister or her mother about the cheating. She now feels ambushed by Margaret as she had never taken the time to process the affair. Because it’s now public information, Jennifer now has to face explaining what happened to their five children.

In fact, while they were filming this season, her youngest child Olivia (9) found out about her father’s affair on TikTok. Someone leaked the storyline to a blogger, and then someone else made a TikTok about it, which showed up on the young girl’s For You Page.

Jennifer later sat down with Margaret to discuss this situation. Margaret defended bringing up the affair in front of cameras by saying that she felt Jennifer had hypocritical behavior towards Margaret. (Margaret is referring to the fact that Jennifer has been criticizing Margaret and her mother for having affairs. She has accused Jennifer of s**t-shaming her.)

Jennifer explained that everything she has offered an opinion on about Margaret has been things, Margaret, herself has made public. She says she has never mentioned Bill’s affair to others because she didn’t want to hear other people’s opinions about it.

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