The truth behind Lynn and Frank Curtin’s financial trouble, evictions, debt, and legal troubles


Photo: Bravo

Lynne and Frank Curtin are airing their money dirty laundry (not to be confused with money laundering!) out to dry in Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Their children were served eviction notices on camera in front of BRAVO’s cameras, and later we find out that Frank concealed a $10,000 defaulted deposit on the rental from Lynne.

The weird thing about this whole ordeal is how shocked Lynne seemed to be about their financial situation, even though at this point they’ve been evicted at least once before (as of February 2010 they’ve been evicted three times in the past year, four times total) and Frank, a contractor, hasn’t worked in several years (housing bubble burst and all). Put all that on top of the fact that the Curtins also owe $1.2 million dollars to some former business partners, had a warrant out for their arrest, and that they’ve all been living beyond their means to attain some sort of status in the Orange County community, and disaster

To hedge their precarious financial situation Lynne’s really has been picking up the slack, she got some cash from Bravo for her work coming in mid-season during Season 4 to replace Lauri Waring, reportedly $90,000. All five housewives are reportedly getting $150,000 for Season 5. $240,000 isn’t bad at all for most people, but when you have a total of 5 unlawful detainers against you and owe someone $1.2 million dollars (no telling what other debt they have), and are in the habit of buying $1400 leather jackets whenever you please, it’s barely even a dime.

Lynne’s cuff business is also reportedly bringing in some revenue as well, but there’s no projections on exactly how well that’s going. Oddly enough, the Super Bowl has been quite a boon for Lynne because everyone’s been flocking to her Alexis cuff, which features the Saints’ symbol, a fleur de lis.

She recently spoke with the L.A. Times Showtracker blog about this recent cuff success, and also mentioned that the deposit they defaulted on was unnecessarily high because the landlord was jealous of her plastic surgery. And so, the Curtin financial saga continues . . .

On a side note, Fleur De Lys is also the name of the fancy restaurant the O.C. girls attended during their trip to San Francisco. The girls just breezed right past the owner, Top Chef Masters contestant Huber Keller like he was the maitre d, and proceeded to spend most of the evening calling and text messaging(Alexis), and dry heaving (Vicki) over what looked like a delicious gourmet meal. This was Gretchen Rossi’s shining moment as she politely ate her foie gras like a lady, complimented the food, and was kind enough to share some with Alexis, who promptly spit it out.

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