REPORT Kylie Jenner cheating on Tyga, dealing with fallout from lip kit business disaster

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That didn’t take long: just days after reports of Kylie and Tyga moving in together come rumors of Kylie Jenner cheating on Tyga, and with the most likely suspect to boot. Kylie’s apparently been messing around behind Tyga’s back with pseudo-boyfriend PartyNextDoor, an occasional rapper like Tyga, and the person with whom Kylie was most often linked during her short-lived third hiatus from the Tygster.

For a moment, at least, it looked like what passes for love with Kylie and Tyga was back in the air. The pair were apparently feeling it on the 4th of July, when Kylie shared the above photo on Instagram, and was, according to Cosmopolitan, “about to float away with bliss.” (Or because of the contents of her red cup.) Kylie also “nuzzled” Tyga’s neck in a video she shared via Snapchat, looking either blissful or painfully bored as she did so.

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However, at least one gossip blog of note appears to have it on good authority that these good vibes aren’t all they appear to be. Kylie is “not being super stealth,” according to Hollywood Gossip, which claims that Kylie Jenner is cheating with PartyNextDoor via texts, along with (according to pure speculation) possible sexts, plus untold other signs of affection. Their interactions had to be done in secret, HG alleges, because “Kylie’s not fully over PND.” This despite the fact that the two never officially dated, and were only even unofficially linked for a couple of weeks, after which point Tyga came calling and the two reconciled for the fourth time.

“She told him she thinks about often,” said an insider, who had clearly been reading from a stack of Harlequin romances when she added “[Kylie] misses his gentle lips kissing her.” (Hollywood Gossip, to their credit, does call the quote “comical.”)

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On top of that drama, though, comes news that Kylie’s fledgling lip kit business is under assault. The Better Business Bureau recently graded Kylie’s cosmetics company an F-the “lowest rating possible,” in case you were wondering whether F- is a thing. According to Teen Vogue, the company has received 134 complaints about Kylie’s Cosmetics: “70 were related to delivery issues…55 had to do with problems with products and service,” and “other factors among the complaints included billing/collection issues, guarantee/warranty issues, and advertising/sales issues.” An exasperated Kylie, fed up with so much negative publicity besmirching her increasingly famous name, updated her website with a message intended to add spit polish:

I’ve sold millions of lip kits and any complaint we’ve received to date has been addressed in a timely manner. I’m sick and tired of people coming for my business. I love everything about Kylie Cosmetics and I will do anything in my power to protect and improve it every day and make you guys happy. I don’t want to respond to the haters but you guys deserve an answer and to know the facts. I love you and apologize to anyone who felt the urge to complain and didn’t recieve the service they deserve.

Kylie’s message went on to state that the BBB had updated her rating, but did not say what the updated rating is.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner cheating via Instagram)

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