LHHATL Stevie J accused of child molestation by Joseline Hernandez, woman claiming to be Mimi Faust’s former nanny

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Joseline Hernandez has dropped the most shocking accusations yet in her still-growing feud with Stevie J. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star took to Twitter to level an especially serious claim: namely, that Stevie J is a child molester, and has been molesting he and Mimi Faust’s daughter Eva for years. While none of Joseline’s accusations can be supported, a second woman, claiming to be Mimi and Stevie’s former nanny, has also leveled the same charge on social media.

Joseline was first to accuse Stevie J, and shared what looks like a screenshot of a direct Twitter message between herself and Stevie. All Joseline’s tweet says is “get off my d!ck hoe,” but the image, captured below, goes much, much farther. According to Joseline, Stevie J is a child molester–allegedly like his father before him–fantasizes about sleeping with his daughters, and is a “devil in disguise.” (As far as motivation goes, it looks like Joseline was especially angry when she heard Stevie claim that her current pregnancy had nothing to do with him.)

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Furthermore, a woman named Lena James has come forward with similar accusations, and at almost the exact same time. Lena took to Instagram to share a photograph of herself with Stevie J and Mimi Faust’s daughter Eva, and captioned the photo with an even more disturbing set of specific allegations. We took a screenshot of the photo and caption, in case the post is taken down; the entire caption wouldn’t fit on one screen, and we’ve cut and pasted it beneath the photo:

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Tell the truth @mimifaust about how you have known for almost 2 years probably more about what has been going on with Eva and @hitmansteviej_1 . About how you fired me from working as your nanny around the same time as your sextape release which you still continued to lie to me about even though I am your family and was living in the same house as you. You basically tried to get rid of me once I was able to get the truth out of Eva when she came home one weekend from her fathers house with redness between her legs and having pain urinating. Tell them about how you told me about him getting arrested for child support like it was some kind of justice then he was out in a matter of days. Tell them how I helped potty train Eva or got her to eat vegetables and even try fruit for the first time. I have no reason to lie. But only because I had no real evidence except the words of a traumatized 4 year old. But now that I have confirmation of the sick nonsense from another adult I refuse to be silent. It makes me sick to my stomach and it is beyond disgusting. I never wanted my name associated with any of the rachetness but someone has to be an advocate for that child and stand up for what’s right.

So far, neither Stevie J nor Mimi Faust have offered a rebuttal through their social media accounts. Stevie’s most recent Instagram update doesn’t mention Joseline’s claims specifically, but did come a few hours after she made them:

Supremely Focused.

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(Photo credits: Stevie J accused of child molestation via Instagram, Twitter)

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