Rainn Wilson has Steve Carell’s back after ‘The Office’ Emmy snub.

You should never question Dwight Schrute’s loyalty to Michael Scott. The Office star Rainn Wilson shot a Twitter-missle at the “world of TV” after Steve Carell was denied for the sixth time his rightful piece of hardware as the best lead actor in a comedy series for his portrayal of middle-manager Michael Scott.

With all due fairness to Jim Parsons and his wonderful work on The Big Bang Theory Carell’s turn as Scott has been one of the greatest in TV sitcom history. As fans of the show know this was his last chance to win as he’s moved on to focus on his budding film career. 50 years from now folks will be watching and marveling at all the impossibly heart-felt and legendarily awkward moments owned by Michael Scott. Perhaps Carell fell victim to such a wonderfully realized character inspired by Ricky Gervais’ British middle-manager David Brent.

Here’s what Wilson tweeted that sums up my feeling as well:

In addition to how hilarious Carell repeatedly was he also managed to get across some very emotional and moving scenes as he portrayed Scott facing his final days as the manager of Dunder Mifflin. It required a delicate balance to focus on the funny while delivering with the sentiment and Carell performed perfectly on that demand.

As usual, Carell was his predictably affable self when he asked about the possibility of an award before the ceremony.

“It would be a culmination of all my hopes and dreams (laughing). It would be great, but I’m putting my expectations on the fairly low side and just trying to enjoy it and see my friends. I haven’t seen my friends from The Office in a while, so that’s going to be fun.”

It’s just an award but it should have been Carell’s. My Dundie will always go his way.


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