VIDEOS Karen Houghton continues to backhanded compliment sister Kris Jenner

Karen Houghton Star Magazine

Self-described “crazy Aunt Karen” continued her media blitz today with yet another interview full of backhanded compliments for her sister, Kris Jenner.

In her latest interview with Star Magazine, Karen Houghton said Kris was capable of getting any guy she wanted during high school, but “went right towards that Ferrari.”

“She was, like, interested in going out with guys that had, say, more than the other guy had. And her personality and her charisma really helped her attract those kind of guys,” Karen said of her older sister.

Even after marrying Robert Kardashian and having four children, Karen said Kris had a vision for what else she wanted.

“She had it in her mind what she wanted and how she was going to do it. Very astute. And she did it!”

During another portion of her interview, Karen spoke for the first time about her sister’s official separation.

“Bruce will find someone else,” Karen speculated of her sister’s potential divorce from Bruce Jenner. “But I guarantee you, Kris will find someone in two days. I promise!”

Karen added her sister is “amazing,” but was recently overwhelmed with stress.

“My sister is a person who likes to stay really busy, focused, in control, done, done, ABC, you know,” Karen said. “And even a little bit anal. But I think that’s because when you have situations inside of you that aren’t filling your complete happiness, there’s a hole in you. And I think right now, Kris has that hole in her because of what’s going on with the family right now.”

UPDATE Kris Jenner said in a statement to Radar Online that she is estranged to her sister and hasn’t spoken with her in months.

“Unfortunately, my sister has been dealing with demons for years,” Kris said. “I am not in touch with her. But I wish her the very best.”

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