VIDEOS Vintage Lady Gaga getting inked by Kat Von D

Lady Gaga and Kat Von D

The following clips have been around awhile but they’ve got serious staying power as we get a candid look at Lady Gaga receiving a tattoo from none other than Kat Von D back in 2008.

That’s right, two ladies who were a little younger at the time destined for some serious stardom shot on video as they talk about their careers and ink. Gaga is wearing blue hot pants as she informs Kat that she just worked with New Kids on the Block the night before! This footage was taken shortly before the release of Gaga’s The Fame album which sent her “fame” into the stratosphere.

It’s almost like an art piece as it’s shot outside next to a parked hatchback. It certainly reflects the eccentricity of the two ladies who would each soon become major players in the pop culture universe. It’s really a fantastic sample of before-the-fame life as you get a great feel for 22-year-old Gaga working on her image. That seems like a lifetime ago for the recently ranked Most Powerful Celebrity according to Forbes.

During these two clips Gaga is very complimentary of Kat’s work calling it beautiful and saying the same about Kat’s own ink. The first clip cuts out with Gaga explaining that her parents “had a freaking heart attack” when she got her first tattoo.

Here’s the second part of the clip as Gaga explains to Kat that she’s really close to her family and was upset about having caused them grief with her ink surprise:

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