PHOTOS Kim Kardashian in a Poison Ivy costume at Midori Melon Green Halloween Party at Lavo

Kim Kardashian's 2011 Halloween costume Poison Ivy

The two things I look forward to most at Halloween are eating the leftover Snicker’s bars I didn’t hand out to the neighborhood kids and Kim Kardashian’s Halloween costumes! I’ll be waiting on those Snicker bars until late Monday night, but the visual feast of Kim Kardashian in costume has begun!

The curvaceous Queen of Reality returned to comic books for her inspiration, this time electing to completely change her look with a bright red wig to become DC supervillainess Poison Ivy! (You might recall Kim’s other trek through the DC Universe when she wore a Wonder Woman costume a couple years ago.)

Kim Kardashian Poison Ivy Halloween costume

Kim showed off her viney hiney at the Midori Melon Green Halloween Party held at Lavo in New York City Saturday night – her costume consisting of a green ivy covered minidress with the afore-mentioned red wig and green foliage eye accents.

Kim shared her excitement about her look on Twitter:

Kim Kardashian tweets about her Poison Ivy costume

Accompanying Kim at the party and on the red carpet was Poison Ivy’s second-ranking arch nemesis, the boy wonder himself, Jonathan Cheban!

Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy and Jonathan Cheban as Robin

Holy bat bulge Batman! (To be honest, if I were wearing that costume standing with Kim KArdashian in that Poison Ivy costume, ummmmm… let’s just say my Dark Knight would be rising.)

I’m hoping that this is just the first of many costume treats from Kim, who has a history of wearing multiple costumes to multiple parties over Halloween weekend. (Click here for last year’s batch!) Of course, it kind of all moot in a way because I just can’t imagine Kim Kardashian ever topping her Princess Jasmine costume from two years ago. ***oof***

To help you stop thinking about Princess Jasmindashian here’s a loooooong last look at Kim Kardashian’s Poison Ivy look:

Kim Kardashian's Poison Ivy Halloween costume at Midori Melon Green Party

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