PHOTOS Is Jennifer Lopez Marge Simpson or Nefertiti?

Jennifer Lopez as Marge Simpson

Jennifer Lopez arrived at the London Gala Premiere of The Back Up Plan wearing a jaw-droppingly buntastic poofy hairdo with an elaborate Egyptian necklace and Hefty Cinch Sack gown. Good Lord what a sentence! Good Lord what a hairdo!

We here at the starcasm home office had a long and arduous debate over whether or not J-Lo’s look reminded us more of Marge Simpson or Queen Nefertiti. Actually, Snooki was the third contender, but since her main champion was an intern and I was getting tired of Photoshopping, we narrowed it down to just the two.

Above is the side-by-side with Marge and here is Jennifer and Nefertiti:

Jennifer Lopez and Nefertiti side by side

Whatya think? Take the poll!

On a separate note, did anyone else smile a little when they heard one of the most famous booties in the entertainment industry was starring in a movie called The Backup Plan? I immediately began writing the script for Vivid Entertainment’s adult film spoof called The Back It Up Plan starring J-Blow! (Jennifer Hopez?)

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