MUG SHOT Kate Major Lohan arrested for assaulting officer, public intoxication

Kate Major Lohan arrest 2016 mug shot

One of celebridom’s most dysfunctional couples continues their headline-grabbing ways as Michael Lohan’s estranged wife Kate Major Lohan found herself behind bars once again in Florida earlier today — this time for allegedly assaulting a police officer while intoxicated.

TMZ reports that the incident occurred after Kate dropped her and Michael’s children off at his house on Saturday before then going to a neighbor’s house — apparently for drinks. When she came out, she was reportedly drunk, and TMZ is told “Kate wanted to drive home but Michael wouldn’t give her the keys, so she called the cops.”

That turned out to be a bad decision as police arrived and tried to arrest her for public intoxication. As you have probably surmised already, Kate resisted and allegedly attacked one of the police officers.

Read the police reports from Michael and Kate’s child custody ruling!

According to online records, Kate was booked into jail at 4:52AM Sunday morning and faces charges of Battery On A Police Officer, Firefighter, EMT, Etc. as well as Public Intoxication and Causing A Disturbance. She was released this afternoon at 3:07 after posting a $3,000 bond.

As TMZ points out, this most recent arrest could be even worse than it appears for Kate because she is currently on probation for an earlier arrest for assault.

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