PHOTOS Here’s the latest proof Khloe Kardashian is hiding her baby bump

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She’s been teasing a baby bump for weeks–but is Khloe Kardashian really pregnant? The 33-year-old has been hiding behind a series of increasingly massive, borderline absurd bags and sweatshirts ever since unofficial news of her pregnancy broke this past September. And, though Khloe is said to be enjoying all the extra attention she’s getting, she refuses, in true Kardashian style, to actually confirm that she’s pregnant until Kris Jenner comes up with the most financially lucrative reveal.

Anyway, the closest we’ve come to an actual Khloe Kardashian baby bump sighting was this past Halloween, when she spent an unguarded evening dancing with baby daddy Tristan Thompson and posting her moves on Snapchat. And now it’s being reported that Khloe let her baby bump slip on Snapchat once again: Metro claims that “a slight hint of a bump could be seen when [Kourtney Kardashian’s] phone wavered” in the following clip:

I mean…kinda? Mostly it looks like Kourtney is still crossing her arms over her stomach at every opportunity–again, something she’s done since September. And she’s supposed to be due in mid-February, which means she’s in her third trimester right now? It’s a poor quality clip, so you can pretty much see whatever you want. (Metro’s take also alleges that a Khloe Kardashian pregnancy confirmation “looms,” but doesn’t explain what that means.)

Furthermore, Us pointed out that Khloe is keeping up with her “oversized purse” and baggiest sweatshirt when stepping out, as she did earlier this week while filming KUWTK in Calabasas. It’s the same purse Khloe swung out in front when leaving LAX last week:

Khloe Kardashian spotted at LAX in Los Angeles

Finally, we still don’t know whether Khloe is having a boy or a girl. Early reports–including one in People–quoted anonymous insiders who said they knew for sure it was a boy, but some of Khloe’s social media updates following Kim and Kylie’s baby showers a couple of weeks ago led tea leaf readers to speculate that hers will be the third Kardashian family girl born in 2018.

(Photo credits: Is Khloe Kardashian really pregnant via Instagram, / Splash News)

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